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Most people today are, however, more interested in watching something on the silver screen or the TV. It is not that you cannot find movies rich in high thoughts or artistic appeal, but it would not be an exaggeration to say that the numbers are rather limited here. Moreover, reading has a more permanent impact even while it makes your imagination confront wider horizons of poetic and intellectual challenges. If you read Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights and then watch it on screen, the point becomes more than obvious.

It is true that many libraries have shut down due to lack of patronage. People prefer to use the Internet to look for information. But then you risk straining your eyes or jeopardising your health. When you look for information in a book, you gather other facts as well while on the Internet you get only what you are searching for.

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Moreover, libraries too have to evolve according to the changing needs of the times. For example, the high attendance at the British Council Library in Kolkata has a lot to do with the latest books and periodicals along with the availability of Internet and photocopying facilities right inside the library. It is time that the other traditional libraries too wake up to the demands of the market; otherwise there is the danger of their becoming extinct.