The not give up and today his baritone

The famous Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan was rejected for a job in All India Radio because they thought his voice was not good enough. He did not give up and today his baritone echoes throughout the Indian subcontinent and is universally admired.

The examples given above are those of people very well-known to the twenty-first century crowd. If we go back in time; we shall come across examples of people who dared to be different and succeeded. When Akbar sat on the throne of Hindustan, he was thirteen years old and surrounded by enemies who coveted his crown. But he managed to hold on to his crown while defeating all his foes. In addition to nerves of steel, one must admit that he also had the able guidance of Bairam Khan.

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What do the above examples communicate to us? The message is simple. Those who dare, have fortune at their feet. You need to have the patience and the courage of Gandhi to get kicked out of a train in a lonely station, on a dark night, at a distant land and then fight back to lead men towards the light.