Stage ‘cool’ and ‘powerful’ rather than being

Stage One- Feel


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 Discrimination is one
of the main reasons for negative outcomes in the society, which is now
increasingly affecting more people in the community of different kind. The
disabled are commonly looked over, since many people don’t see them equal. But
that doesn’t mean they aren’t.


Discrimination has transformed from an issue to a
treatment of making segregation against a person based on their race, gender,
group or class. Discrimination is creating problems between countries to start
with but is now also causing problems within communities and societies. In term of Discrimination against disabled, they are the
largest minority in the world, yet the most ignored.

Feeling the problem:

Disability discrimination is an issue that has only
been brought up recently in spite of the fact that 20% of the world suffers
from a disability that means 1 in every 5 people is disabled. In every region of the world, in every
country, persons with disabilities often live on the margins of society,
deprived of some of life’s fundamental experiences.  Cases of them being
ill-treated, violence and abuse, lack of job opportunity and benefits are
constantly in the media. Discrimination is growing and becoming an
evolving global issue which is rubbing off and going against our young and
future generations. These differences divide us rather than unite us; disabled
people of all ages nowadays are being exposed to this type of isolation. There
have been reports of adults and teenagers suffering from depression and
loneliness which has increased due to the effect of racism and discrimination
against disabled people.

Identifying the real
People think disabled are not the ‘same’ as everyone
else due to their physical and mental condition, which then leads them to bully
and criticize them. People are more into looking ‘cool’ and ‘powerful’ rather
than being sympathetic and empathetic which results into people with poorer
conditions to experience being isolated and a victim of discrimination.Lack of
awareness and lectures about bullying and discrimination is making children and
adults less concerned about global issues therefore making the exposure to
discrimination grow that will eventually result in harmful and violent
behaviour towards disabled people.