STATEMENT I possess immense quest for knowledge which


the advent of 20th century, Aerospace engineering has been a
catalyst in advancement of science and technology. This field so to say fuels
many aspects of modern life from transportation to satellite operated devices.
It is an extremely rewarding branch of engineering that provides numerous
benefits with challenging and exciting work. My enthusiasm coupled with scope
for innovations and opportunities available in this field has encouraged me to
opt for higher studies and contribute to the field through meaningful research.
I sincerely believe that pursuing my graduation studies at ISAE-SUPAERO at this
juncture of my career will be an ideal step in this direction.

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draw my inspiration towards this field from late Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, former
President of India and an extraordinary personality in the field of
Aeronautics. During my secondary education, his autobiography ‘Wings of Fire’
had huge impact on me. It cultivated a fascination for the field of aerospace;
reading about how his endeavours brought a technical revolution in the country.

to my innate interest in the field of Aerospace and impressive performance in
the engineering entrance examination, I secured a seat in this discipline of
engineering at the coveted PEC University of Technology (formerly Punjab
Engineering College), Chandigarh. My undergraduate major has given me a wide
exposure to numerous subjects which range from general to core engineering
subjects along with few other applied & social science courses. I possess
immense quest for knowledge which has enabled me to achieve tremendous results
in my academics, which is reflected by my 8.62/10.0 CGPA.

have gained immense research experience and industry exposure through various
projects undertaken during semesters and internships at prestigious laboratories
of Defence Research & Development Organisation. I got an opportunity to
work as a summer intern at Afterburner and Exhaust Systems department in Gas
Turbine Research Establishment, Bangalore. During this internship, I received
in-depth practical knowledge on gas turbine engines. I was exposed to various
gas dynamics concepts and introduced to computational fluid dynamics while
working on a project requiring optimizing of exhaust nozzle for indigenous ‘Kaveri’
engine, to achieve maximum gross thrust coefficient. Further down my academic
timeline, I got another incredible opportunity to work on an ambitious project
under Pulse Detonation Systems department at Terminal Ballistics Research
Laboratory, Chandigarh. I got to work towards preliminary designing of Rotary
Wave Detonation Engine, which is an advanced propulsion system design utilizing
rotating detonation wave in annular chamber to accelerate flow and generate
higher thrust compared to conventional engine designs. It was wonderful
experience to be a part of a team, consisting esteemed scientists, that was
first one to work on this design across the country. I got to learn many
advanced propulsion and combustion theories along with acquiring experience on
various software platforms. During this 6 months period along with grasping
many technical skills, I also got exposed to working atmosphere and challenges
of an institution centred on R&D.

to my interest and experience in Propulsion and Gas Dynamics, I submitted a
group project in third year based on method of characteristics to design a
nozzle with test section for PEC’s in-house open, supersonic wind tunnel. It
was well received by the faculty, receiving a funding from the department to
manufacture the proposed design. A paper for the same is also being presented
in 7th International Conference on Theoretical, Applied,
Computational & Experimental Mechanics (ICTACEM 2017) at Indian Institute
of Technology, Kharagpur. I am currently working with my team mates on
developing a Graphical User Interface that can produce optimized trajectories
and orbits for various space missions ranging from Low Orbit insertion to
Inter-planetary missions in solar system.

activities play crucial role in overall development of an individual. I have
remained actively engaged as a member, since freshman year, and currently the
General Secretary of Aerospace Technical Society in our institute;
participating and organising various technical workshops, seminars and
aero-modelling projects. One of the exciting projects that I worked on as a
member was Delta Wing R/C aircraft that won third prize in our annual technical
festival. Further to this, I have also been engaged throughout as a member of
Speakers’ Association and Study Circle – PEC’s Debating and Quizzing Club.
Furthermore, I have enhanced my leadership and management qualities being a
co-head for Discipline and Security team of PECFEST, which is North India’s
largest college festival. In this position of responsibility, my duties varied
from preparing legal documents for conducting the fest, organising large scale
road-shows and flash-mobs for publicity, and overall security arrangements for
major events to prevent any mishap.

a Chandigarh lad, there has always been an indiscernible connection to France
and an opportunity to study in a reputed French university will be a dream
comes true. The fast emerging global scenario in the field of Aerospace
Engineering, and moreover the quality of education and exposure to plethora of
research work in Europe, supplemented by my own interest, has helped me to
fortify my decision to pursue graduate studies in France.

much-valued consent of my professors, guidance of my seniors and careful
perusal of the web pages of your University, I am convinced that my academic
career will receive the much-required exposure and enhancement enabling me to
pursue extensive research and excel at it. I am highly impressed with the
accomplished faculty members, environment and the facilities the University has
to offer to its students. I also realize that the syllabus offered at this
University is designed to meet the demands of the present day industry,
covering various aspects of aeronautics. I feel that my educational and
professional qualification coupled with the opportunities arising out with
tremendous industrialization have reinforced my goals and have developed a keen
desire in me to pursue my master’s course in Aerospace Engineering from your
University, which would definitely equip me with comprehensive and specialized
skills as an outcome of rigorous trainings in all aspects.

am fully aware of the fact that pursuing this course requires a high level
of intelligence, dedication and immense sacrifice. If given an opportunity, I
assure you my dedication, diligence and my desire to excel would allow me to
make a remarkable contribution to the university. I look forward to a positive
response from the admission committee.


Singh Walia