Statics in my survey for me to find

Statics and E-commerce


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Lecturer: Annette






My topic of interest that I would possibly be turned
into a business is opening my own gym.

Selling fitness




So basically before I want to open the business, I
would like to do a quick survey around the area to see what people think and
what’s their opinion. I need to know about the location if its perfect and
convenient for people. I wanted to find out what’s type of training they like
to do is it more classes or free weight.

More questions like if they would like nutrition
advice and if they would like personal training sessions, and how many times
they would use the gym.

All these question I add in my survey for me to find
out what’s the best things I can do.




My proposal


The goal of
this business plan is to address relevant aspects of the fitness industry and
how my proposed fitness business will fit within it.


“Helping the
shy, reluctant, and discouraged achieve their fitness Goals”. The goal is to
create an environment where the non?athlete will feel comfortable. The gym will
be an extension of the home: safety and familiarity are the most important

Four main
components will characterize and drive the business: People, Service,
Partnerships, and Productivity.

·  People: Create an environment where people
want to work out rather than need to.

·  Service: Customer service leads success.
Transactions make them come in. People make them come back.

·  Partnerships: Always push for a situation
where all parties are happy.

·  Productivity: Stay current and stay lean.

goals and objectives

·  Break?even within the first year of operations

·  Keep margins high by offering value and reducing

·  Maintain a year to year ROI of 15% within 3 years

a 60/40 debt to equity ratio

·  Offer a diverse product offering (classes,
personal training, equipment, etc.)



The people
that I will target and take the sample from would be, ages 30?55, upper middle
class, at a turning point in their health/fitness routine, within a 10 min
travel distance of the gym. They will be the one I can get more information
from to get the most out of it.


shows it costs about 10 times more to attract a new customer than it does to keep
an existing customer. The fitness industry is competitive, and members have
plenty of options for working out. So what I did was to give out a survey with
specific questions to gauge customer satisfaction. For example like:

Are there classes or class times we don’t offer
that you’d be interested in?

Are the childcare hours we offer sufficient?

What improvements would you like to see us make?

What are your favourite and least favourite things
about working out at the place you are now?


I also placed
surveys, pens, and collection boxes in shower rooms and at the front desk in
the place where I work just to maximise the participation to get more ideas. I
Made sure that I encouraged participation.

2(c) This was a few questions from my

I am
currently considering opening a new gym in Dublin, and I need some assistance
from you.

I would like to hear from you on your preferences and feedback
in a gym. Please take a moment to answer the following questions which will
help me to better understand your needs in a gym. Thank you!

Are you male or




What is your age?

16 to 25

26 to 35

36 to 50

50 to older


What is the name of
your gym/health club?



What membership do
you have?


Full access

Off peak



How many times a week
do you use the gym?







As a member, do you
feel your gym values you personally?




Why did you choose to
join this club?(select all that apply)


Range of equipment


Membership prices




Do you have a
personal trainer?




If you answered “No”
to question 9, what is the reason?

You don’t need one

They are too

They are not helpful

You are intimidated


10.   Do you use social media or video website (e.g. YouTube,
instagram) for workout guidance?




11.   Do you attend fitness classes in your gym?





12.   Would you attend a class by your gym in a different
location (e.g. Local Park, warehouse)?





3. These are the
data that I collected and presented on pic charts and bar charts.





my conclusion of
my survey to open my own business, I went out and talk to a lot more people out
that are in the fitness industry just to collect more information, and I found
out much more. So few of the things would be:


One of the
largest barriers to entry for a gym is its equipment costs. These costs are
substantial and will comprise at least 50% of the start?up budget. However,
these capital costs can be depreciated over time reducing tax implications.
Cost estimates were compiled from various sources including industry buying
guides and manufacturer invoices.


A lot of
competition exists within the gymindustry. One of the gym would be (flyfit open
24 hours) have a large presence but leave room for niche gyms. The majority of
competition comes from individually owned gyms, either franchise or startup.


persists in Ireland, as the economy is slow to recover from the recent
recession. Those who are employed have decreased spending in order to bolster
themselves against unpredictable financial times. Even of the low economy spending
on gym memberships remains constant. Industry analysts expect the rate of growth
to increase as the economy turns around.


It is no
surprise that location is a key factor when it comes to business but especially
gym. Most gym consumers are not willing to travel away from their day? to?day
‘path’ (which includes to and from work, grocery store, and home). This means
that success of gym is largely determined by its location. If a bad location is
chosen, almost no amount of clever marketing will be able to overcome this
pitfall. Therefore, concerns such as traffic and its corresponding flow should
be addressed before committing to a specific location.

Location Justification

The actual
location is flexible, but the specified location is within minutes from
corporate offices, hospitals, grocery stores and high schools. The close
proximity to these highly frequented destinations makes the location convenient
when dropping off the kids, going shopping, or to/from work.

surrounding area is full of educated, well?paid citizens. 19% of the population
is considered obese; however, this is well below the national average. This may
indicate an increased awareness in health and fitness. Also, the most prevalent
type of job in the area is desk jobs (computer and electronic industries).
Those who have an inactive job are more likely to look for additional types of