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Stephen King is a renowned writer of the novella Different seasons, consisting of four stories that are more dramatic than horror. The four novellas are classified in such a way that they resemble all the four seasons. The two stories, “The Breathing method,” and “The Body” are among the novellas, and both depict acts of bravery from their main characters. From “The Body,” the four twelve-year-old boys overhears that a boy the same age with them is dead and that his body is left in the forest, they take the initiative and goes to find the body. In “The Breathing method,” Sandra the main character is courageous enough to carry an illegitimate pregnancy to term and finally delivers safely via the help of Dr. Emlyn McCarron.Friendship is on other major concern in the two novellas; we find that, in The Body, the four twelve-year-old boys are all friends, and upon getting the news that one of  kids’ body has been found they all accompany each other to the woods to search for the body “A great whispering noise began to rise in the woods on either side of the tracks, as if the forest had just noticed we were there and was commenting on it.”(King, 425)  The environment is brought out as being scaly, but the boys decided to move on the woods. After losing all his friends, Gordie says, “I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, did you?” (King, 351)  This imply that the four boys were great and intimate friends. The act displayed here shows that they are led by the spirit of brotherhood, though the other motive was that they wanted to be crowned heroes for finding the body. While, Sandra, in The Breathing Method, gets to fall in love with Dr. Emlyn McCarron, clearly indicating their intimacy in the time of delivery.Societal change, as well as the theme of social relations, is also evident from the two stories. In The Breathing Method, we get to see Sandra as an agent of transformation through her braveness; this is brought out through her bravery to love according to her will and also to carry the baby that is illegitimate to term. During her time, if an employee was found to be pregnant and had no engagement ring, he/she was sacked, and this shows how the societal relations at the time were harsh to judging others.          David, a Manhattan lawyer, narrates the story “The Breathing Method” he got from a strange club that he joined after an invitation by a partner. The members of the club concentrated on several activities of individual choices, such as reading, playing chess as wells as playing pool. However, all the members loved storytelling, a common activity in the club. Most of the stories shared in the club could make a person regret having listened to them, due to their threatening nature. David, the narrator, heard “The Breathing Method” in the club a few days to Christmas.In the story, Dr. McCarron had a pregnant patient by the name Sandra. Sandra was pregnant but had no husband, a strange thing in the society in 1930’s. However, the doctor admired the girl for her courage of accepting herself despite the society’s disapproval of pregnancy outside marriage. The doctor acknowledges that despite the girl being smart and brave, she was also lonely just like any other girl, “She was smart and terribly determined, this girl-her will was pure steel, through and through-but she was as human as anyone else. She was lonely, too.(King 493) The doctor decides to take care of the lady and teaches her the breathing method that used to ease pain during child delivery. When the day of delivering the child comes, Sandra encounters a road accident that decapitates her body, but Dr. McCarron manages to deliver the child from Sandra’s dying body. After a safe delivery, Sandra whispers “Thank you”(King 513) to the doctor, though she was dying. The story happens in a time when American society had started taking a different view on women.In the story “The Body” four boys who are seen as friends are led by the spirit of heroism rather than merely identifying the body who is dead in the woods. A boy named Ray Brower had gone missing while out to pick blueberries and later pronounced dead by some individuals who also were under illegal activities and thus couldn’t report to the police. The four boys decided to go out and find the body of the lost boy and report to the police. During the time in the 1960s, most of the traditions in the American society were quickly losing values and therefore, the majority of the people forgot the significance of the family; thus the boys came from dysfunctional homes.The four adolescents face a lot of challenges as they track the location of the body in the deep forest. At the time people had several superstitious stories about the forest of interest and therefore, as they got into the forest, the sounds of trees scared them. After discovering the location of the body, the teenagers encounter harassment by a gang of bigger boys but emerge unharmed. The story displays a picture courage and dangers that come during the transition to adulthood. The four young boys are introduced to having less knowledge in their childhood but later emerge to be experienced and brave as they progressively grew old.The aspect of friendship and relationships comes out clearly in the two stories, “The Body” and “The Breathing Method.” The friendship and relationship issues get captured amazingly. Dr. McCarron develops a true friendship with Sandra, due to the challenges the lady tries to overcome. As he tries to take care of Sandra both emotionally and physically, a strong feeling and interest grow between the two. The true friendship emerges upon the reaction of Dr. McCarron after saving the child where he tells the nurse “if you drop him, Sarge, you’ll be eating those stripes.'(King 513) Showing how much the doctor loved Sandra and as an act of kindness, he had to take care of the child. The nurse replies ‘Yes, doctor.’ ‘Its cheap magic, nurse, but it’s all that God left us with” (King, 513). The warning given to the nurse shows the value, McCarron had for Sandra because he acted to fulfill the dream of the young lady.In both stories, tragic ends are evident, both stories we see people losing their loved ones. The quote “Friends come and go like waiters in a restaurant, did you ever notice that? … Some people drown, that’s all. It’s not fair, but it happens” (King, 447) in “The Body” shows how painful it is to lose a friend. Gordie loses all his childhood friends, and it pains him to remember. In The Breathing Method, the doctor loses Sandra to whom they had fallen in love together.A changing culture is another theme that gets to be evident from The Breathing Method, though from different perspectives. It’s evident that the American culture had started taking a twist. Dr. McCarron at first gets surprised by Sandra when his medical examination told him that “She wore no wedding ring.” (King, 482), but later he decided to help her out, therefore, acting as an initiator of societal change he didn’t discriminate her. McCarron acknowledged that it was difficult and unpleasant to be unmarried and get pregnant at the same time, but she intended to do her best for herself and her baby. Therefore, McCarron “Liked the straightforward way she was handling a problem which would have reduced ninety women out of a hundred to inept and undignified liars, terrified by the living clock within and so deeply ashamed of their situation that to make any reasonable plan for coping with it became impossible.” (King, 484) Through taking care of Sandra, a step towards recognition of free will of women had occurred. It is at this point that the societal valuation changed from the negative attitude for women recognizing their will and respecting it. In “The Body” friendship was the key driver to all the virtues from the four boys, and that’s why they decided to take the challenge of finding the body belonging to their friend and get recognized as heroes. Their love for challenges made them face the unimagined dangers in their journey because “Love isn’t soft like those poets say. Love has teeth which bite and the wounds never close” (King, 440).