Strategy to the management framework involving procedures,

Strategy map
for objectives


Vision: “To
build an eco-friendly mobility system that enhances the quality of life and
resolves the commutation problem of residents of Hyderabad City”

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Mission: “To
conduct well defined planning and execution of the project plan for
completing the metro rail construction project within a prescribed scope and
within given deadline and budget”.  


Constant Generation of Revenue


Customer Loyalty

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Attraction


Quality Control and Scope

Stakeholder Management

Time and Schedule

Resource Management

Learning and
growth perspective

Rewards and Recognition for
project team

Good Communication Schedule

Conflict Resolution

Regular Status Reporting



Recommendations for Project governance

According to Too & Weaver
(2014) Project governance refers to the management framework involving
procedures, responsibilities, processes, functions, policies and regulations
which define the management and control of projects and decision making in
projects. Aliza, Stephen & Bambang (2011) proposes four main principles
that influence successful project governance. These are: a single person should
be held accountable for overall project progress i.e. project manager should be
given enough authority to be held accountable for overall project progress; project
ownership is determined by service delivery ownership, differentiation between
project governance and organizational structures and separation of stakeholder
management from project decision making. 
All these principles must be present in the metro rail project for
effective project governance. Certain key recommendations for further enhancing
efficiency of project governance are (Cooke, Tate & Cooke, 2011):

The decision making
authority and responsibilities should be clearly defined and communicated to
the project team. An RACI matrix should be developed, implemented and regularly
monitored in order to assist this.

In the study of Too
& Weaver (2014) it was found that main reason for the failure of project
governance is ineffective communication. Thus, the project manager should
ensure that there is good communication established and maintained.

Meetings should be
held often and all the team members should attend the meeting. The entire
project team must have up to date information about project progress.