SWOT twitter is the quickest way. D. threat


SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis is a
useful technique for understanding your Strengths and Weaknesses, and for
identifying both the Opportunities open to you and the Threats you face.

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According to the
background of Jo Malone its brand position is precise which is high-end and
distinctive. Jo Malone London have a very strong brand identity and very good
reputation. Its stores layouts, distinctive atmosphere and packages are both
well-designed to express the characteristics. The Brand Reorganization is very
high. The products are personalized and high quality. What’s more, the brand is
belong to Estée Lauder which is one of the most venerable names in
beauty. Lauder is the third-largest prestige beauty brand in the U.S. It has
also effectively leveraged its spokesmodel Kendall Jenner to drive awareness
among younger consumers and ranks number nine in the “gifted” segment.1



promotion of this brand is ineffective, Spokesperson and advertising on mass
media are absent. The distribution channel is still limited.?Jo
Malone London sells its products in its own stores and website only, this may
lead to limited coverage of market.


more and more people presume fashion products made by natural source, which are
healthy to human. Plus, customization has been popular in this market. People
concern much more and tend to consume more and more comfortable products yet
look fashionable and nice. Social Media Communication should be develop since
it has become one of the best way to communicate directly to the consumers,
also to share, to talk, to create awareness, social media such as Instagram and
twitter is the quickest way.


Brand has to face the Stronger competitors and manufacturing cost in the UK is
very high. And also the society that is still not really accept one who’s
wearing pyjamas in public according to the survey asking if it is acceptable to
go out in public in pyjamas; 17% Agreed on wearing pyjamas in public is acceptable,
73% said it is unacceptable and 10% Don’t know.i




Jo Malone London,
Intimate Line believes everyone can benefit from their easy-going, classy,
effortless yet elegant style. They don’t want their customers to perceive their
products as just a sleepwear but more as a product that provides lifestyle,
quality and comfort. Jo Malone London, Intimate Line is a very Heritage British
company with high distinctive style. It will be established in 2018 in a
fashion capital city like London, UK. The product are 100% natural; 100% Silk;
the most luxurious protein based fibre exist in the universe, with no added
with other composition, personalized to fit to every body type, all designs are
designed to allow the movement for all types of activity and lifestyle.
Customers can order individual only in the store from now but online will be
developed as soon as the brand settle. The brand is offering six categories:
top, bottom, robe, dress, accessories and customization available in 4 sized,
XS, SM, ML and XL.