Technology strategic decisions effectively, which will prove beneficial

Technology is a necessity in the global word, and its rapid innovation never seizes to surprise. It has not only changed our lives but is also progressively changing our future.  For someone who has grown up in a technologically savvy era and who has studied IT from GCSE level, I understand that technology is a dynamic market, which has become integral to the running of both corporate businesses and public services. As a prosperous A-level student, I have a zeal for learning and am passionate about developing my understanding of IT; I am particularly interested in the ways firms use IT in society to make a transformation, not only to themselves but also to ordinary people’s lives.My insatiable thirst for learning is coupled with the fact that I am persistent, proactive and a team player, which are vital for undergraduate study. As well as being determined to surpass my predicted grades, I have demonstrated that I am able to take initiative and work independently, and have worked effectively in collaboration with my peers throughout all three of my courses. I take pleasure in voluntarily supporting my peers in their studies outside of the college campus; this has helped me to improve my communication skills, as well as my own knowledge. This illustrates that I am a strong-minded individual, hungry for success; my determination and perseverance is essential for university study. I am a firm believer that success is not easily accomplished; one must be determined and must develop resilience to become successful.Through the completion of my IT coursework, I have developed an interest in creating and designing websites using software such as Serif WebPlus and Adobe Flash CS6. Consequently, this has inspired me to undertake a more personal project, which entailed forming an online jewellery store. This enabled me to apply my theoretical knowledge to a more realistic context and demonstrate my skills in practice. Through this experience, I have not only strengthened my technical knowledge, but I have also demonstrated my business acumen. In addition to this, A-level Business has helped me make strategic decisions effectively, which will prove beneficial should I choose to embark on a career in Project Management. Moreover, I have demonstrated my broad skill set through assisting with raising a significant amount of funds for families in less economically developed countries such as Bosnia and Syria after recognising how the country’s digital divide has such a significant impact on everyday people. Due to my combined interest in Business and IT, I am eager to study a course where my genuine interests interlink. I took up the challenge of designing websites for not only friends and family, but for local people too. Designing websites became more of a hobby rather than a chore to earn extra income and has allowed me to discover why I truly enjoy IT interlinked with business. The industry itself never seizes to amaze me. Who would have known that cloud computing would allow firms to be more competitive in an industry?When I am not working on assignments or homework, I play football for a local team where I am able to incorporate my leadership skills as a captain. This is a hobby, which I would be delighted to carry on at university.Studying this course will enrich my learning and equip me with the knowledge and skills required for a successful career in the IT industry. I believe that as society becomes more culturally and ethnically diverse, people working in the IT industry should be representative of society. With that being said, I want to seize the opportunity to study at University level, which is different to my family’s refugee experience that posed a barrier to their higher education. Therefore, I would welcome the opportunity to study at your University in the hope to enrich it both culturally and academically.