The 1,000,000 is Magna International Inc. Magna International

The company I have chosen to invest C$ 1,000,000 is Magna
International Inc. Magna International Inc., is a Canadian based auto parts
manufacturer. It is the world’s third-largest auto-parts manufacturer (Magna
International, 2016). According to the Toronto Star (2017), Magna International
is a supplier of auto-parts to nearly all the world’s 20 major automakers. Magna
International is headquartered in Aurora, Ontario, Canada and is traded in the
Toronto Stock Exchange using the stock ticker symbol, TSE: MG with a fiscal
year end of December 31st (Magna International, 2016).


The decision criteria behind why I have chosen to invest in
this Canadian company is that it is a highly innovative company, with a strong,
positive outlook. Magna has a market capitalization of C$ 26.55 billion, making
Magna one of the largest companies traded on the TSX (Toronto Star, 2017). Although
has invests heavily in Research and Development, it has managed to keep the
growth of its costs to about thirty percent of its revenue growth (Globe and
Mail, 2016). Magna has had its annual profit grow by roughly 11% since 2012, and
the company’s stock has risen by about 44%, each year, since 2011 (Magna
International, 2016).

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Despite being an innovative leader in the auto-parts
manufacturing industry and having strong financial results, the aspect of the
company that appeals most to me, is the fact that the company operates using
the guidelines of being a fair enterprise (Magna International, 2016). This
means that profits made in the company are not only distributed to shareholders
but also employees (Magna International, 2016).