The 30, the problems and issues of its

The World Health
Organization (WHO) postulates three components in its definition of health – the
mental, the physical, and the social components. While the physical component
features both subjective dimension and objectively measurable basis, the
social, and especially the psychological components of health in the mentally
healthy population are primarily accessible through subjective assessment of a
person. Therefore, the “psychological method” is vital to the assessment of the
quality of health, including its conversion in the form of psychological
well-being. P.Schwenkmezger (1991: 120; translation by the authors) points out
the significance of subjective assessment when compared to objective
parameters: “A physiological-somatic way can hardly be applied to determination
of well-being at present in the same way as it is difficult to identify behavioral
indicators. Moreover, we are far from the goal of anchoring well-being in
objective situational determinants”.

In India with majority of its population aged less
than 30, the problems and issues of its grey population has not been given
serious attention and only a limited studies on them have been attempted in our
country. To reap the benefit of demographic dividend, the emphasis is largely
on the children and the youth and fulfillment of their basic needs for proper
development. Similarly the traditional Indian society and the age-old joint
family system have been involved in safeguarding the social and economic
security of the elderly people in the country. On the contrary, with the rapid
changes in the social scenario and the emerging dominance of nuclear family
set-ups in India in recent years the elderly people are probable to be exposed
to emotional, physical and financial insecurity in the years to come. This has
drawn the attention of the policy makers and administrators at central and state
governments, voluntary organizations and civil society. (Situation analysis of
Elderly in India, 2010)

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