The a race to gain the economic supremacy

The South Asia has remained a cradle of
civilization since ages with 1/4th of world population; it is simply a region
of such an importance to be left out of any strategic calculus by the rest of
the world. The region has gained a vital position in the Global Politics.1  When we look at the power game going around
in the international system we get to know the pivotal role South Asian region
is playing in it. The region has tremendous potential to
tap for better future for its people; the 1/4th of world population.
The potentials of the region will make it achieve great economic strength and opportunities
in the future.2
The region with its peculiar geographical and historical backgrounds is
presently submerged in security anxieties and competing interest of world
powers, supplemented by trust deficit and physical blood baths.

In the twentieth century the world has seen
that the concentration moved from military strength. In contrast to the past,
we now see growing economic preponderance.3
India and China have greatly developed their economies, china being the monster
and India is also raising its economic statue but it is very important to not
ignore here the long baggage of their rivalry. Closeness of these two enormous
populaces and and financial goliaths beside each other has effectively made
this a point of convergence for some nations.

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The superpowers could simply not ignore this region as
they are fully aware that the region holds great significance and can be of
great use in the forthcoming years. United States of America has maintained a solid
grip in the region since long via making alliance with Pakistan. Moving on to
the Russia, it too had its interest in the region.  Russia had its aim to develop its realm toward
the warm waters. Furthermore, if we talk about China, it is constantly in a
race to gain the economic supremacy in the region by containing India.

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