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The socially isolated elderly is categorised into four groups. 1) The first group is those who do not have children, spouse or relatives to look after them. They probably outlived their siblings, relatives or spouse thus they became isolated.

In this section I will review on some of the examples of these elderly who lived alone because of the reasons above and the problems that happened subsequently.

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The first example is an elderly Miss Fenandez who lost her husband, siblings and three children. She had to fight depression on her own. She was found staying in a messy one room flat before help was provided. She was unkempt and confused due to extremely high blood pressure. The reason is because that she did not take her medication and missed her medical appointments. Whenever she has any problems, she often called the police to chat and was eventually referred to social service office. She is now being taken care by the social worker, Lina since 2015 (Lim, 2017).

One of the problems for these elderlies who lived alone is that they hardly care for their health. They tend not to go for health screening as they may find it a hassle or have forgotten about the medical appointments. There are about eighty percent of the elderly who went for health screening but out of these, a minority group of elderly still did not go. These are the elderly who were found to be socially isolated. Below are other examples of these elderly (Lai, 2014).

Another example of an elderly is Mr Tan Keow Eng who stays at Marine Parade. He goes to bed past midnight and wakes up at 11am daily. His daily past time is spent on listening to music, watching television or read newspaper. He has little contact with other people and suffers a common problem like other elderly which is social isolation. One of the main reason is due to his weaken legs which means anything more than five-minute walk to nearby senior activity centre or coffee shop would be difficult for him. This study was done by a group of