The correspondence as requested, and manage administrative problems

The Neem Foundation is a non-profit non-governmental organization created in a direct response to the problem of insecurity in Nigeria. The fund was established in accordance with the legislation of Nigeria in January 2016 and registered with the Corporate Affairs Committee. We are committed to improving the lives of people affected by the insurgency and preventing violence by creating inclusive communities and providing and improving standards of psychosocial support. We hire to fill the following items:Position: Administrative Officer Location: Borno Working functions• Monitor and manage the day-to-day operations of the office; develops policies, procedures and systems that ensure efficient and effective office operations. • Advising the Deputy Director and providing strategic consultations and substantial contributions to administrative, legal and personnel matters; • manage the administrative structuring of other offices to improve efficiency and support; • Monitor and maintain schedules of travel and arrangements, provide logistical support to the Office and respond to correspondence as requested, and manage administrative problems and daily situations as they arise. • Monitor the flow of correspondence in the office. • Ensure that all administrative processes submitted to the processing unit are processed in a timely manner and that the materials are provided to the Deputy Executive Director; • If necessary, conduct research and analysis of specific tasks and prepare letters and / or reports. • Provide assistance in understanding and interpreting Neem Foundation policies and procedures, as appropriate, and strictly adhering to administrative and financial reporting / requirements in accordance with the policies and standards of the Neem Foundation. • Support the achievement of program objectives, including monitoring and evaluation, and maintain accurate and appropriate documentation and records and ensure the confidentiality of records / information. • Ensure the protection of software and office assets. • Coordination with the focal point of the main proposal of all procurement processes; Provide logistic / other support. • Provide a good system to maintain good control over office and IT resources. Qualifications, skills, experience education: • Higher education in any field. A master’s degree in administration or management is an added advantage. Requirements for work: • Competence in organizing resources and setting priorities. • Deep meaning and confidentiality • Ability to be flexible and adaptable to changing priorities. • Ability to analyze and solve problems • Ability to handle conflicts and resolve complaints • Mastering the use of Micro-soft software for desktops Language skills: • English (Free) and basic understanding of House or any other local language in the Borneo state. other: • Must show great interest in the implementation and administration of the program; work and help people rebuild their lives and work on the development of the Borno state.NURSE ADVISER Jobs in Medicines Without Borders France (MSFF)Behavior profile: • Confident, attention to detail, independent judgment, self-launch, reliable, team player, friendly, flexible, disciplined, adaptable, available Added benefit: • Practical experience with victims / victims of insurgency. • Academic or professional experience in psychology • Experience in human resources management • Speaker Hausa Interested and qualified candidates must: Click here to apply for this positionPosition: nurse Location: Borno Summary summary • Nurses plan and provide medical and medical care to patients with chronic or acute physical or mental illness. And also training in proper medical care for clients. • Nurses work as part of a multi-disciplinary team of professionals and medical personnel, including doctors, health care visitors, social workers and therapists. Working functions • Assess and plan the needs of nurses • Observation and treatment of drugs, injections and intravenous infusions, treating wounds • Take patient samples and monitor their pulse, temperature and blood pressure while playing with children • respond to emergencies and check the status of patients • Writing and providing information, emotional support and comfort to patients and relatives Qualifications, skills, experience education: • Higher education in the field of nursing. A master’s degree in psychology or day care is an added advantage. Requirements for work: • Good health and fitness • Caring and compassion • Excellent teamwork and human skills • patient monitoring skills • Ability to use initiative and set priorities • Ability to cope with emotionally charged situations and pressure situations • Oral and written communication skills • Stamina with high load • Ability to handle conflicts and resolve complaints • Ability to work in a team; establish and manage professional working relations with stakeholders. • Mastering the use of Micro-soft software for desktops Language skills: • English (fluent) and basic understanding of Hausa. Interested and qualified candidates must: Click here to apply for this positionPosition: Program Officer Location: Borno Description • The program officer will be responsible for supervising the creator of the Hero of Peace Nyima Foundation. • He or she will continue to develop and implement an integrated communications strategy, as well as support the implementation of the project. • An ideal candidate will interact with various stakeholders to facilitate awareness; and realization of the project objectives. In addition, the candidate will play a central role in promoting innovative approaches to communication, the use of traditional opportunities and new media. Working functions • Participates in the development and implementation of the Initiative of the Heroines of Peace Nyima • Monitoring and analysis of the development and implementation of the action plan • View relevant documents and reports; Identifies the problems and problems that need to be addressed and suggests corrective actions; liaise with strategic partners • Create and edit video sequences that combine raw images, photos, audio and animated graphics within the company and in a rapidly changing environment. • Identifies and tracks follow-up actions and participates in the planning and promotion of seminars, webinars and other interactive sessions and participates • Helps in policy development, initiates investigations, including review and analysis of project problems and trends. • Prepare various written materials, such as reports, directories and documents for orientation, points of discussion, advice and analytical notes. • Provide strategic communication and interactive content for the project • Provide and analyze the needs of people of concern in the country, through participation and use the perspective of age, gender and diversity (AGD) to form a solid basis for planning. • Support the development of strategies, methodologies and contingency plans that address new and emerging operational challenges. • Conducts outreach and presentations on issues related to the advancement of women and peace, including the priority themes of the Platform for Action. • Supports the coordination of activities related to the implementation of the project, including the program strategy, annual activity reports, progress reports and assistance in the preparation of relevant documents. • Perform other tasks as needed Qualifications, skills, experience • Higher education; • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English (native English or native language); • 2 to 4 years of relevant experience in the field of communication, preferably with the preparation of journalism or media / public relations on behalf of (international) organization; • Strong work experience and understanding of corporate branding and the development of online communication strategies (new media) and direct communications, the publication of publications such as stories and stories about history and history. photojournalism / information graphics; • Experience and interest in research communications are desirable, including the ability to communicate effectively with the policy audience and translate complex ideas into free English; • Strong writing and editing skills to create stories and experiences in the proactive presentation of stories and editorials to a wider audience; • A joint approach with strong interpersonal skills that can develop and develop networks between members and other stakeholders; • Experience of multicultural teamwork; Interested and qualified candidates must: Click here to apply for this position The deadline for registration is January 31, 2018.