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The vast majority of the companies have right away acted the alarmed modifying, the agile programming or the lean production for a past couple of decades.The primary concentrate of the agile methodology is that the software results are conveyed done a great part shorter duration of the time and adjustment with the evolving condition would reasonably be expected. The major issue faced by the developers in developing the software is creeping featurism. Feature creep is brought on by the following causes1. Poor definition of project goal2. Projects are driven by the client’s endless wish lists which may go beyond boundaries of the scope of the project.3. They concentrate more on the capability rather than on its usability.4. Customers are pulled in by lots of functionalities.Uncontrolled feature creep leads to kludge, software bloats. They often prompt overwhelming costs and schedule overruns.Such software requires higher hardware capacities for their execution. Thus the product cannot be improved in a core market over some period of time thereby a non-extendable software product would become obsolete which then points to its decline as additional features added during the software life cycle will lose its value by time.  The more the features are incorporated the more it influences the usability of the software.It will be ideal to underscore on the usability of the software as opposed acknowledging its capabilities. Currently, we have this software development technique, “The feature driven development”  which tries to solve the feature creep problem by centering ahead the features that have the highest noteworthy feature value. This methodology is followed by the start-up companies, but not all of them use this method from scratch. The main shortcoming of this strategy is that the exact value of the feature is difficult to be discovered and calculated. It is very much necessary that we require some fixed set of steps that can be applied along with software development life cycle processes to forestall the occurrence of the featuritis. A feature creep could happen on three possible phases of the software programming life-cycle namely, the requirements elicitation, software designing and the software development and implementation. We have proposed a strategy that prevents these extra features to a certain extent from creeping in during the processes of development.