The content of the firm or they

most important part of changing activity of employees in social media is
content. Employees should be interested in what they share with their
subscribers. The firm, in turn, must know what employees are interested in. In
this case, they will be motivated to distribute the content. It is also
necessary to define the content strategy at the very beginning. Whether
employees will spread the content of the firm or they can create it themselves.

You should also remember the rule 80-20. According to which
only 20% of content should be about brand. Sofie De Beule in her article in claims people use social networks to be social, and not to
be irritated by your constant advertising. In this case, you work for the
audience than for yourself. In these 20% should be both brand content and what
will make the audience instantly react – call-to-action (discount codes, challenges,
etc.) And 80% serve for entertaining and should make it shareable. The content
should be directly related to the needs and interests of the audience. It is
necessary to be in the trend, follow the news, mainstreams etc., so that
followers do not lose interest with time. (2013)

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Employee Advocacy


Employee Advocacy literally means the promotion of the
company by its workforce. There are many different forms of employee advocacy
but now the most effective and successful is social media.


are more likely to buy a company’s products and services if they hear about
them from someone they know. Genuine employee advocacy shows that information
from your company isn’t just coming from a bunch of trained bots that are
spewing corporate content. The human element of your company is the strongest
marketing weapon you have if it is harnessed appropriately,” said Eric Roach, co-founder and CEO at EveryoneSocial.


Case 1: AT&T’s ‘Social Circle’,
employee advocacy program

 AT is an American transnational
telecommunications conglomerate headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company is
on the 11th place in the list of the largest mobile operators in the world with
138 million customers (Forbes 2017). AT & T covers telephone communications
in more than 225 countries, data roaming in more than 210 countries and 3G in
more than 170 countries. (Social Media for Business Performance 2014)

The company’s social
media program attracts employees who are already quite
active in social networks such as LinkedIn and Tweeter. The goal of the program
is to motivate them to share the content related to the company create
awareness of the company’s products and services. The company conducted a
research among employees and selected 500 people to launch the pilot version in
2009. Employees should only share some information related to company. The obligatory term is they must use #ATTemplouse, so that it is
clear the content is distributed not by the marketing department, but by
employees from across the company. (Business 2 Community 2015)

An Internal social
network has been created to ensure that this task does not burden the
employees. It’s called Social Circle and the main aim of this platform to
support employees to be social active and increase their engagement. This is a
kind of community where all the company’s employees can share ideas and
communicate. If necessary, they can contact the support team that when they
distribute some content they will not break the rules of the program. This is
another feature. Before becoming a brand advocate the employee must undergo
a training program and read the special guidance. (Rajesh Prabhakar Kaila 2014)