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The first two pie charts indicate that females stereotyped the under-dressed man 84.2%, whereas the Male test group stereotyped the under-dressed man 100%. Yet, both genders gave this man a job that requires less education or ability. Above in the bar graph representing average salary assumption for the under-dressed man the females on average assumed a higher salary of $65.7 thousand dollars, whereas the males assumed a lesser salary of $35.9 thousand dollars. The third and fourth pie charts indicate the occupation assumption for the man in a suit. Females and males alike stereotyped this man 100%. This time both genders assumed this man held a job that required a higher education or a higher rank in position. The female participants average salary guess was $181.5 thousand dollars and the males guessed $126.3 thousand dollars. That information can be found in the First bar graph pictured above. Our conclusions proved our hypothesis correct. “If the appearance is the only change made to a human then your own perception of that person will change.” This was undoubtedly proven true. This was an experiment that picture the exact same man in two different outfits. Each outfit clouded the judgement of the test participant. The halo effect allowed perfectly normal or average seventeen year old students to judge a person unconsciously due to the clothes the person was pictured in. Although, we did find it interesting that there was less judgement from the girls for the under-dressed man. We came to the consensus that is could possibly be due to a woman’s nurturing nature. They could be more likely to feel bad for judging the man because of his sloppy appearance possibly before another man would feel any sympathy. Also, we notice that the females guessed a higher salary for both of the pictures. We conclude that it might have something to with the fact that it was a man picture in the photo that they were making assumptions about. This is due to there in some jobs being a pay gap between both genders. Another thing we found hard to believe was the fact that not one test subject was able to identify that is was the same man in both pictures. We feel this is a prime was the halo effect was in place clouding judgement so much so that a person couldn’t even recognize who the person was. Either way it was very obvious to notice that if you are in “comfier” clothes then you will be perceived as lesser to when you choose to dress in “fancier” materials. This is all do to others and your own unconscious assumptions. So if you are wanting to make a better impression it looks like a suit is the better option over the sweat pants.