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The Industrial RevolutionThe industrial revolution was a time period before the civil war that increased the way of life for most people who lived in the United States. During this time period, transportation and production gained a massive boost and efficiency was the new thing. However, both the environment and poor people took a turn for the worse. Because of this, I believe the industrial revolution was the most groundbreaking event / time-period in the United States. During the industrial revolution, America’s Economy was booming people in the South Began to make money and create more complex and new buildings with all the money they were earning. Common people now began to learn how to read and write because of better education. In the meantime in the North, America was getting its money on exports of cotton, a highly sought after crop that is very valuable when it comes to making clothes. Not only that but also cotton shortages weren’t a problem at all because the South grows mass amounts of cotton easily. Now here comes the fun part, the South already grew the cotton but another problem arose: how are they supposed to remove the sticky seeds from cotton. Cotton was handpicked and the seeds were removed by slaves, workers and indentured servants. Removing the seeds was hard work and it took forever to remove the seeds in general, it was not efficient at all. Enter: The Cotton Gin. Made in 1793 by Eli Whitney. His invention automated the process of removing the seeds by a hand-crank system. Because of Whitney’s invention, less workers were needed to remove the seeds and they could export cotton in higher amounts. However, the south received another problem: How were they going to bring their cotton all the way to the North fast enough? Enter the train, the train was invented by DeWitt Clinton in the 1830’s. By setting rails, the train could travel across land much faster than a carriage could. They tripled the speed the product could reach their destinations so there was another problem solved. So the South had the best way to bring the product over but a problem occurred. Cotton to begin with was a very valuable product to begin with so the South got an idea: they decided to expand even further and create more cotton because more cotton = more money, so they decided to expand. When the south was expanding they received yet another problem: how were they going to harvest all of their cotton? Guess what’s going to happen now… Enter: Slavery.