The Kingdom parliament on government policy. So by

The term ‘Politics’
may be more complicated to understand and the right answer for the definition
can vary due to several conflicting ways. Some they define as ‘a greedy battle
for power’, while others as a way in which individual takes in the desire to do
something for his communities into achieving certain goals. Many authors, for
example, define Politics as “a power struggle about who gets what, when and
how” (Duncan W. Barbara J. Bob S. 2006, p3). This essay aims to offer insight
into what Politics means according to the Module, as that which concerns the
state; as conflict solution, an exercise of power and politics as social and
public activities.


  To begin with, defining Politics as that
concerns the state, we will distinguish it from the government. The state is a
permanent institution that provides public service, ensuring security and
enforcing the law for example traffic violation. On the other hand, the
government is comprised of politicians who run the state since they have been
democratically elected. Politics which concern the state can include,
activities that affect the state, individual and business of governance. It may
also be included in states interaction in the international arena, for example,
voting both national and regional through which individual citizens engage with
the state. Also, Politics that concern the state can be that of debate and
votes for example in the United Kingdom parliament on government policy. So by
examining this politic concerns state, it involves a whole host of other
activities which is much more than activities of the politicians in the state.
If a citizen drives more than speed limit, then he expects to receive fines of
a certain amount of money. Failure to pay led to prison sentences. The
government also enforce laws though, raising taxes where they provide
healthcare, education employment. Not all state provide its citizens with
adequate service, they tend to focus on military defense for example. The tax
raise will directly go to the department of defense instead of education.

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  The second politics concerns are the state
conflict and method of resolving the conflict. According to author Bernard
Crick politics defined as “the activities by which differing interests within a
given unit of a rule are conciliated by giving them a share in power in
proportion to their importance to the welfare and the survival of the whole community”(
Crick B. 1964, p21). The political solution to a certain problem that occurred,
for example, the Pakistan and India in the volatile region of Kashmir, where
both claim to be theirs, or perhaps the Civil War in Libya in 2011 where the
long-serving leader Gadhafi is killed, is one that should involve peaceful
negotiation. Therefore we can say that Politics is not an object, but rather
that concerns the state to solve the problem and make a decision. Political
parties are very important and play a crucial role in conflict resolution. If
there are no political parties that are not in demand in the state, conflicts
between citizen occurs and a possible of Civil War. Therefore it is hard for
democratic space to be used for resolving conflict in the state. In order for
the state to resolve conflict, it has to analysis all level of conflict, for
example, inner conflict, interpersonal, families, and neighbors. Moreover,
Politics, psychology and international relation had to be drawn in order to
learn how to address the state conflict resolution and understand the conflict
in depth.


  The third definition is that of politics as
the exercise of power, where it can be placed in every aspect of our lives
through social activities, public and private. Politics is in every level of
social interaction, but what distinguish politics from social behavior is
power. Political power in a state can be defined as the exercise of power by
politicians within the state. In general, where power is exercised, then
politics occur. A good example is in our home, where parent negotiate who wakes
up first to feed the children or perhaps where children negotiate who rides the
bicycle first. So we can say that the power of politics can be narrowly
squeezed by the state involved. “Power as the ability to make somebody do
something that otherwise he or she would not have done” (Robert D. 1961 p36).
When a citizen of a state question how to identify and compare the ‘power’,
then he or she can judge the significance result of the powerful can bring
about. “Comparing the power of different agents across different sets of issues
unavoidably involves judgments about the extent to which their power furthers
their own interest or affect the interest of others” (Steven L. 1974, p111).


  The final definition of politics is that of
social and public activity through which if expanded too much, then, it is
possible that true meaning of the word politics may lose its definition. We
have given example in the above paragraph, that children playing in the
playground or parent negotiating who to feed their children first early in the
morning. But this politics in the house does not have any little do with the
state or perhaps the politicians. The best way to define politics is to
understand the social activities of the state. This is an activity we engage
with other fellow citizens of the state. “The distinction between the political
and nonpolitical coincides with the division between an essentially public
sphere of life and what can be thought of as a private sphere” (Heywood A.
2013, p7). In terms of Greek philosopher called Aristotle, he suggested that
man, in relation to politics is a ‘political animal’ (Heywood A. 2013, p7),
whereby a human can only live in political communities. They can exercise, can
enjoy their lives within the boundaries of politics. Politics should not
undermine personal affairs of individual or perhaps institutions. In other
word, politics does not go beyond the entry door of a flat or house, according
to Feminist believe. Another good example is the relationship between the
politicians and their personal or private life. Politics prevent citizen what
to choose in their lives. For example, children must be in school if not, the
parent would be fine. It may also interfere how a company conducts their
business in the communities. It is also suggested that politics should not
cross the gate, take place in personal and domestic life. This is so to say,
the politician should be far away from their personal life and not mingle. If you
try to punish your children, then it does not term as public affairs rather
private and it should not depict on a political view.


 In conclusion, politics is a contentious term
and interpreted in many ways. There are people who see politics as a merit
while others as a demerit concepts. State provide public service to its citizen
for example hospital, school. Therefore politics is any activities or work that
affect the state, individual or in the international arena. Politics controls
the public service the state gives for example security and enforcing the law
and how the state should govern the citizen. “Politics is a solution to the problem
of order which chooses conciliation rather than violence” (Crick 1964, p.30).
Politics also in regards to conflicts is a process where problems resolved and
a quick decision made based on the problem, through a military solution for
ample. It is not however defined as war or perhaps violence, but solution or
agreement reached. Besides, politics can also be termed as a way of being
inside conflict. For instance people with different opinion living together and
respecting each other’s opinion. On the other hand, we also have to see the
relationship between politics and power. Many citizens believe that politics is
a form of power grab. If a power is exercised in any state, then the formation
of politics occur. The ability to influence the behavior of other citizens can
be defined as political power. For example, state banning women wearing Hijab
in public and so on. Finally, to the social and public activities of politics,
one has to be aware that stretching too much of politics can lead to its
definition been lost. Once you know the social activities of the state, then
you probably know politics. To give an example of social activities of politics
is that of politician and their personal lives, or what is happening inside our
house has little to do with the state. So we can say that politics is through
interaction with each citizen within the state. According to feminist believe,
reproductive right or perhaps domestic issues are classified as private
matters. Some state considers spouse physical abuse as a matter of public
concern. If an incident happens to be publicized, then it must happen in public
place. A state like Iran bans watching movies in public for example, but you
can watch it your home. Therefore we can say that it does concern the state
through changing its law.