The fix the conflict between this two

The United States has had a long story in
the combat the Russia military. Since the cold war, the United States and the
Russia have been fighting more than any other countries .The Slovenian union,
which left their country with a very poor economy and their military were under
the charge of the western union ,and the governed excision began to be doubted
.The president Bush administration tried to fix the conflict between this two
country .However, it did not go the way they planned therefore, the united
states was obligated to upgrade their foreign policy .The United States and the
Russia have a conflict because the Russia has always tried to bring a problem
to the United stat and other countries .The Russia was very aggressive toward
the united states in many ways .They were supporting bad leaders while the
united states were supporting good ones .Also, they tried to prorogue the
united states and other countries in many occasion.


First, in the in 1972, the United States
and the Russia signed the incident agreement at the sea that was meant to
decrease all the rest act at the sea during the cold war. This contract was
operative before the Russia forces started being aggressive to the American and
to others foreign country air ,and naval assets .The violation of this
contracts suggested that if the enforcement fail, then they will be time to
change the contracts to the modern times .In the years of 1991to 1192 ,Russia was
one of the biggest Slovenian  countries,
and the united states were mostly known for their conflict that we call the “cold
war “.The fight was one of the biggest struggled between the capitalist and the
communist as well as the social organizations .(Matthew Wallen 2017)

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Next, In the 19 century, right after the war
many people was thinking that conflict will end when bush was president,
however, it did not. He tried to improve the use security trying to promote the
arm control agreement and also the nuclear material in the Russia .They were so
many attempt in trying to decrease the nuclear arsenals ,and upgrade  the control over the weapons concerning the
mass destructions, which include ,taking measure to prevent their propaganda .The
united tried to get the  Russian to
improve their accountability regulation of the nuclear materials ,and to
destroy those Russian weapons like when the corporation take place to the treat
of the reduction programs, and third defense and the energy department


In the years of 1993, there was a big
issue regarding the American and Russian economy, and military that later on
affected their relationship in a bad way. There have been some continual
relationship between the two countries that tried to arm control issues .In 1990,
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization military treaty was introduced to help
protect the signatories’ aggression from the Soviet Union countries. From 1990
to 2000 the biggest problem was the national military group developed usually
travelling through the defensive goal of the military.  When the nation of the year 1990 military
Atlantic lost their reason for being, the Russian military actions to the
Ukraine in 2015 renew their discussion with the union (Matthew Wallen 2017)


In 2012 the year of 2007, the president
Obama introduced his very first foreign policy toward Russia. The Obama foreign
policy was the most complicate policy in American story .which took some
biggest initiatives like the renew of the troop surge of the Afghanistan, and The
new reductions of the arm nuclear treaty with the Russian .The withdrawal from
Iraq about the trade of China and the death of ben laden .However the policy still
faced several criticisms concerning the international law however.


Currently, the relationship between the
two countries is a t a low point. In 2017, Russian military ruin started trying
to prorogue the American by violating the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty.
Trying to deploy some other land using the cruise missiles .Although Russia
complain that there are other countries that do the same, this does not mean
that they have the right to deploy our missiles .The American should take some
measure that can decrease the risk worldwide, like measures that will affect
his allies current relationship between the two country is not on is best because
the president trump has to sanction Russia regarding Russian economy.


There are many points that America
diplomatic can adopt to help the issues .First ,the Russian knows that we have
the sanction against ,Therefore, the president can let them know that the  sanction will be lifted ,if they meet the
requirement of not supporting bad leaders and if they stop trying to bullied other
country such as Ukraine. First, not letting them have a business in the United
States, however, I feel like the sanction might or not work because the Russian
are very strong and stubborn and they have nuclear needs to be taken in to in account
.Since there are many benefits in cornering with the Russian 


Next, the president can also try to talk
to the Congress .He could let them see how beneficial it is for the United
States to be in a good term with Russia. That if we work with the Russia, all
of the nation will be willing to work with the United State including the north
Korea .Also that there are many issues cannot be solved without the support of
Russia such the problem of nuclear weapon that united states and the north Korea
are dealing with .Moreover, the president should stop terrorism in Syria and
they should discussing about the issues such as


In conclusion, I feel like the better
relationship we have with Russia, the more the united stated will benefit than
having conflict. 


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