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The Portuguese EmpireFrom the conquest of the Romans to today, Portugal has been through many key events in history. Although Portugal was never actually wealthy, they had one of the most powerful navies of all time. Also, they were able to become the very first global empire. Many things went into this finalization not only including conquests, but also the several struggles for royalty in order to make Portugal an actual empire, rather than simply a region or country.Portugal from the very first conquests kept increasing in size over time. A good example would be how it started, with a couple of colonies. Then, its colonies grew and went across many continents, giving it the title and the power of an actual empire rather than colonies. This gave the new empire a political, economic, and social advantage. The growth led to many cultures and new people. Sometimes, these new people were not widely accepted which gave the empire a true history of racism and non acceptance.One of the most important outcomes of Portugal during this period in history is the language that came out of the empire. Not only is it now shown all across the world, but it is also the seventh most spoken language in the entire world. To put into perspective, it is more spoken than French, German, and Japanese. The reason for this growth in the language is actually because of the expansion throughout not only countries but also continents as well. Some of these include Brazil as well as much of Southern-Africa. In doing this, the empire expanded even more because of the amount of people who were able to speak the language required.This was a big deal in the 1400s as they had much competition like Russian Empires and British Empires. However, its navy was powerful enough in order to carry the Empire up until 1999. This improved navy meant that they would also have to watch out for enemies from all across the world. This includes other empires like the Russian Empire and many others that were located in the continent of Europe.Another major part of this history was how they were supposed to deal with enemies. Other Empires and some religions were trying to attack Portugal because of its power. However their size helped them as the people who invaded them had to go through army as well as navy. As one of the most powerful navies, Portugal did not have too much to worry about and for the most part were very safe. To add onto that places were limited on aeras to enter to conquer so Portugal was very prepared for attacks from almost anywhere.Something that was able to help Portugal during this time period was the expansion throughout several continents. Even near the 1600s to the 1800s, they lost ties with Spain with made them very independent. In doing this, they were able to become very independent and did not have to follow orders. But because they were Catholic, they had many oppositions the main one being Protestants. This meant when people like the Dutch attacked, Protestant countries would help them in their invasion.In the year 1693, people began finding gold. This came to be a gold rush in Portugal and led to many people coming into the Empire in search for riches. With more people coming in for gold they eventually after digging found diamonds as well. This made more people want to come in and increased the population by a lot. The slave trade began to grow in Portugal and the demand for them also went a lot higher. This made Portugal stronger and let them have more money than they had before.A key thing during this time period for Portugal was also plantations. This is because even though it was important to have mining during the gold rush, plants were still the biggest export for the Empire. The reason for this is because they had a lot of sugar which gave them the lead. Europe was putting a lot of money into sugar and with the Empire having plenty they were able to get a lot of money from them which was used to make their regions even stronger than they already were in the first place.In the expansion, Portugal felt confident in being able to spread influence in religion, language and many other things as well. Some sources say 14,000 Indians were converted every day mainly by force. This gained much traction as people who agreed with the same faith would look up to it as a way to live with their religion without any opposition. Very soon it was the biggest religion in all of the Empire and In the very end, Portugal ended up with over one hundred territories and also became very impactful on people today in religion and language. One of the greatest empires that lasted hundreds of years had a very powerful navy which held it up and was strong politically even though it was never rich. This showed what a true Empire is supposed to look like and set the bar high for other contenders, even in European countries. For those reasons, Portugal’s early empire was significant not only for Portugal, but also for the effects it had all around the world.Sources: