THE has come to regard as his enemy



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   “I try all things, I achieve what I can.”  – Herman Melville

  Herman Melville, the American novelist, short
story writer, essayist and a poet. Who contributed a chief literary master
piece  for both American and world
literature, titled Moby Dick, a thrilling story based on some of his personal experience on board
a whale ship, called “Acushnet” on which he had actually served?. In the story
the name of whale ship is changed  to the
‘Pequod’ , for a white whale known as Moby
Dick  which had grabbed  away one of the his legs. Ahab the central character
seeks to destroy the white, which has come to regard as his enemy because he
feels convinced that the white whale has attacked him deliberately and
maliciously. There are many other American authors wrote works about the
relation between man and nature, except those Moby Dick is different. In this
work Melville give a different portrayal of conflict between man and nature.
Some other creative works of Melville are Billy
Bud, White Jacket, Typee, Omoo,The Pizza Tales, Bartleby the scrivener,Benito
cereno, The Lightening rod man, The enchanted Islesand The Bell tower etc….Melviile
was highly         influenced in Shakespeare’s drama Lear and
Macbeth, and its evident in several of protagonists.

central theme of Mobydick is the meaningless conflict between nature and man
also symbolises the struggles between individualism and social convention, or
struggle between science and nature. Narrator of the story is Ishmael, a sailor
on the ship Pequod who undertakes a journey out of his affection for the sea.
Queequeg, Pelage, Billard, Elijah, Captain, and White monstrous Whale are the
other characters. Ahab the captain who lost his one leg on a previous journey
that had been snatch by a white whale called Moby Dick, so he took revenge upon
this animal, from here the conflict will start. The special thing of Captain
Ahab appearance is his legs which were detached at the knee. His prosthetic leg
is made out of Whale bone. Ahab is obsessed with his missing limb. It drives
his quest for revenge. Aside from his leg, Captain Ahab’s appearance is
terrifying and intense and he is insane. Ishmael describes him as crazy and
personified. In this novel Moby Dick
is symbolizes the nature force and Ahab is personified the man. Ahab is
challenges the natural force and tries to destroy the Moby Dick. Ahab’s mate, Starbuck only wants to make money, but Ahab
has emotionally avoided his wife and son in order to kill Moby Dick. Starbuck
believes that it is wrong for Ahab to seek revenge on a dumb animal. However,
in Ahab’s eyes ,Moby Dick is no dumb
brute , but someone who has wronged him and takes great pleasure in having done
so, Ahab goes about convincing his crew that he is a god and that the death of Moby Dick is all that matters, In
revenge to the Moby Dick Ahab and   his
crew killed other five whales. But at last his crews were destroying by the
attack of the whale Moby Dick.

    “And what do ye next men?”                                                                                                                                              

 “Lower away, and after him!”   , “And what tune is it ye pull to men?”    

dead whale or a stove boat!”

and more strangely and fiercely glad and approving, grew the countenance of the
old man at every shout ;”( chapter36, p.176)

        In the chapter The Quarter Deck we can
see the aversion of Ahab to Moby Dick, when his crews are replied he became

         In last three chapters Melville
portraying final conflict between Ahab and Moby
Dick. In the Chapter the Chase- first Day Ahab can sense by the smell of a
Whale in the air that Moby Dick is near. Climbing up to the main royal-mast,
Ahab spots Moby Dick and earns himself the doubloon. All of the boats set off
in chase of Whale. When Moby Dick finally surfaces, he does so directly beneath
Ahab’s boat, destroying it and casting its crew into the water. The Whale
threatens   men, but the Pequod, with
Starbuck at the helm, drives it away, and the men are rescued by the other
boats. The Whale then moves away from the ship at a rapid rate, and the boats
returns to ship. The men keep watch for Moby Dick, despite the misgivings of
Starbuck and others.

  In the chapter The Chase Second Day Ahab,
despite the previous day’s loss of the boat, is on the chase. The Whalers do
sight Moby Dick again, and the crew men, in awe of
Ahab’s wild power and caught up in the thrill, lower three boats. Ahab tries to
destroying it, but again the Whale is succeeded. Despite the harpoons in his
side, it destroys the boats carrying Flask and Stubb by dashing them against one
another. Moby Dick capsizes the Ahab’s boat. Ahab’s Whale bone leg is snapped
off in the mishap, and Ahab curses his body’s weakness. Upon returning to the
Pequod, Ahab finds out that Fedallah’s prophecy concerning Ahab’s death that’s
Ahab would die after Fedallah. Starbuck begs to Ahab to desist, but Ahab
convinced that he is only the “fates’ lieutenant”, responds that he must
continue to pursue the Whale.   The Chase
Day Thee, the crew seeks the White Whale, but sees nothing until Ahab realizes,
“Aye, he’s chasing me now; not I, him- that’s bad.”They turn the ship around
completely, and Ahab mounts the masthead himself Ishmael is the only survivor
of the Pequod’s encounter with Moby Dick.

            In this novel Melville mainly focus
the conflict between Ahab and Nature. Ahab takes revenge against Moby Dick.
Moby dick represents evil incarnate to Ahab. Ahab is obsessed with killing the
Whale as its punishment for taking his leg. There are many natural elements
involves between their fight. Sea is most important things and sun storm
etc…  Ahab depends sea for destroy the
whale. At the end of conflict nature force White Whale is succeeded, so the novel
deals with the idea that man cannot destroy the nature, man is a part of
Nature. Majority of American works are portrayed the love and other aspects of
nature, but Melville choose a different way through his writing for the
representation of nature; he uses adventurous nature and conflict between man
and nature. He gave a crucial role for nature. In the characters of other
novels like Santiago old man and the sea and adventurous of Huckle Berry Finn etc agree that reality
that man can never destroy the nature, and man is a part of nature. But here
Ahab tries to destroy the Nature. However the readers get an idea that man
cannot dominate the nature that is Melville gives the idea humans limitation in
the world.