The dosages of: 4mg, 10mg, 20mg, and 100mg.

The experiment shows that transdermal delivery of Alendronate using micro-needle arrays is a very effective treatment for Osteoporosis (Hidemasa,2017). This self-dissolving in vitro method uses needles dip-coated only at the tip with ALN, Alendronate that contains Nitrogen Bisphosphonate the main component used to treat the disease in this trial. This was administered through lab rats, their pores displayed a rapid release of ALN after the needle dissolved, which took only five minutes.(Hidemasa,2017) The traditional oral treatment has been found to cause intestinal and mucosal damage. It also limits intestinal absorption that is caused from high porality. It takes longer to absorb and a lot of the absorption is lost through the intestines. This is found present in most, if not all patients.(Hidemasa,2017) The new treatment gained the bioavailability of ALN by 96%. Also the shrinkage in growth plate was efficiently reduced and no skin irritation occurred except for the needles that were fully coated in the ALN and  based off of Hyaluronic Acid.(Hidemasa,2017) In vitro treatment is convenient especially for those who are older and bedridden. It is much more effective, because it is directly injected instead of having to pass through the esophagus and digestive tract. This was concluded as a successful treatment that delivered the drug quickly with no damage to the dermis (Hidemasa,2017). The main focus of the article was reviewing the Osteogenic effects of Resveratrol in vitro for Osteoporosis (Mobasheri,2013). Researchers came across evidence of higher bone density from a diet that mostly consists of fruit. Alternative medicine such as proper nutrition has been found to prevent this illness from developing at the rate it is now. Diets high in antioxidants and Resveratrol supplements displayed an increased rate in preventing Osteoporosis.(Mobasheri,2013) In vitro of Resveratrol have shown to stimulate bone cell proliferation and differentiation, but had little to no effect on Estrogen Agonism. The study was done on developing rats over a period of six days and contained dosages of: 4mg, 10mg, 20mg, and 100mg. Ten percent Ethanol was used as a solvent but had no effects on urine wet weight, urine epithelial height, and cortical bone histomorphometry.(Mobasheri,2013) The second part of the article found that using Estrogen through a skin patch or taking it orally shown an increase in prevention. For long-term prevention, women are advised to take Estrogen for at least seven years post menopause. However there is a moderate to high risk of headache, swollen breasts, weight gain, depression, and increased risk of cancer. This is why women who have a medical history should not partake in the treatment.(Mobasheri,2013) The main experiment done was a double-blind study using a controlled placebo with increasing concentrations of trans-Resveratrol. Doses of either 25mg, 50mg, 100mg, or 150mg were given orally six to thirteen times a day. This compared the risk to benefit ratio. In result Resveratrol protected chondrocytes against oxidant injury and apoptosis, through the effects of ATP production and mitochondrial repolarization.(Mobasheri,2013) One strength only mentioned in this article was the potential for prevention in addition to treatment (Mobasheri,2013). Prevention initially avoids treatment all together. One of the major weaknesses present was a claim made about post menopausal women and elderly citizens, with bone related illnesses having a difficult time absorbing Hormone replacement therapy (Mobasheri,2013). Another weakness was the potential side effects of increased cancer and stroke risk, which is correlated to high amounts of Estrogen (Mobasheri,2013). A problem that is faced through these clinical trials are safety and bioavailability of Resveratrol. The safety is a concern for pregnant women and mothers who are nursing. There are no known negative effects on elderly women.(Mobasheri,2013) This article states that the research is underdeveloped and requires more clinical studies to take place (Mobasheri,2013). More clinical trials will aid in the validation of the gathered data and conclusion for the experiments. This study compared the brand and generic form of Bonmax,ALD a drug for Osteoporosis treatment. The Lumbar spine was used as the main focus in the experiment to measure the effects of the two forms from the same drug (Unnanuntana,2017). The experiment used Serum B-CTx to study the bone respiration rate and Serum P1NP for the rate of bone development. Blood samples were administered at eight in the morning, prior to twelve hours of fasting. The data collected 3, 6, and 12 months after Bonmax treatment. Standard lab tests were run at each visit for accuracy. Both groups of patients used a European Quality of Life Scale (0-100) that weighed from worst to best health status.(Unnanuntana,2017) The study compared brand and generic formula of Bonmax ALD, both resulted with similar effects. There was an increase in BMD and a reduction in bone-turnover rate from both formulas. At the end of the study the generic form of Bonmax, ALD was found to be as effective as the brand formula (Unnanuntana,2017). The study started off with a total of 153 and ended with 112 patients, which is considered a major weakness. This was inevitable but none of the other studies mentioned the significant drop in participants. Many went outside of the guidelines during the experiment, drug use and not following the instructions were  common two factors. A couple participants died from underlying illness and others lost all interest in participating.(Unnanuntana,2017) This study needs to be conducted again to achieve accurate results.The study stayed consistent for the most part but was underdeveloped. Factual evidence has to be based off more than one study. That is why there are multiple experiments being done to produce a set data.(Unnanuntana,2017) Osteoporosis is a serious illness that leads to the brittleness and deterioration of bone density. The common treatments that have proven to succeed brought major side effects, and that is why it’s necessary to develop more efficient treatments that have minor ones. The studies have shown the significant effects on how different forms of drugs could aid in treatment. The key solution to Osteoporosis is prevention, because if the issue could have been prevented there would be no need for treatment. The second article has shown that diet is the most important tool in the process of prevention for Osteoporosis. The other two articles showed that a drug has to have a set regimen to work the way it should. The research that was presented amongst these three articles was not enough to support a valid conclusion. More testing has to be done to further the experiment and success of the drugs/treatment. Multiple testings with consistent results will validate the conclusions of the experiments. No biases were present in these studies.