The a glamorous look which enhances the figure

The above corset is made of satin,silk,silk braid and
coutil.The  technique was weaving and
steam moulding.The name of the maker of the corset is IZOD,EDWIN in 1887.This
corset is displayed at The Frick under the Textiles and Fashion collection in
England in the Victoria and Albert Museum.

I chose CORSET as my object since today most of the
womenswear like Gowns, Evening dresses/ party wear dresses incorporates a
Corset in it.  Corset is an undergarment
that is worn to give a slim and a curvy figure to the body by reducing the
waist and exaggerating the bust and the hips. It is an undergarment worn to hold
and train the torso into a desired

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For many years both men and women are known to wear corsets,
and it has been used to support a weak or an injured back.

The corset gives a sense of sensuality and a glamorous
look which enhances the figure of a woman and helps to give an hourglass

 Evolution of the
corsets began from mid sixteenth century by British and European women, who
wore it as a garment and gradually they began to incorporate the use of a
“busk,” a long, flat piece of whalebone or wood sewn into a casting on the
corset to maintain its stiff shape. It was usually steel boned hard body and
has metal eyelets which may rust, so it was advisable to keep it away from the

The corsets of the 1840s were cut from separate pieces
stitched together to give roundness to the bust and shaping over the hips. A
broad busk was inserted up the centre front of the corset to give a smooth line
to the bodice of the dress. Strips of whalebone were also inserted up the back
and sometimes down the side and front, to give more structure. Corsets also had
to be rigid to conceal the layers of underwear, including chemise, drawers and
petticoat, which were worn underneath.

In the late 1940s and early 1950s, corset was used in
the form of the waist clincher sometimes
called a “waspie”. This was used to give the hourglass figure
by Dior ‘and “New Look”.
However, use of the waist clincher was restricted to haute couture, and most
women continued to use girdles.

Since the late 1980s, the corset is being used as an
item of outerwear rather than underwear. The strongest of these revivals was
seen in the Autumn 2001 fashion collections and coincided with the release of
the film Moulin Rouge! . Another fashion movement, which
has renewed interest in the corset, is the Steampunk culture
that utilizes late-Victorian fashion shapes in new ways

The Different Types of

Corsets: Underbust corsets begin right under the breasts and usually end at the
beginning of your lap

Corsets: Overbusts usually begin just under your arms and end above the hips.




. A corset may also include garters to
hold up stockings, or a
separate belt may be worn for that.

Advantages of a corset

Corsets make the waist look thin while oversizing the
hips and bust.

It helps to temporarily achieve the attire and a body
shape for which we spent hours in the gym and to attain it people do immense workout.

Corsets also reduce appetite by exerting abdominal
pressure and losing body fat.

It also gives support for those having lower back

Helps us to develop a good posture.

Disadvantages of Corset

Wearing corsets for prolonged time is a serious health
hazards like discomfort in breathing.

Corsets is also responsible for many female problems of
Victorian era like fainting, fits, to miscarriage.

Wearing extreme tight corsets have resulted in organ
deformation like stomach and liver deformation.


Nowadays Corsets are designed such that it is not
harmful even if are worn close to the skin as these are made of cotton lawn or
silk so those who wear the metallic material corsets, wear a corset liner for
the same reason. Fabric used to make corsets were ivory, cane and wood.

Corsets are also worn out in sexual fetishism in BDMS

Since its evolution corset has a lead from innerwear to
outwear i.e. from underwear to Busters and from lingerie to Armor.

 Corsets helps
one to improves the carriage and gives an equilibrium, confidence, high esteem.
It provides elegance glamour style to the person who wears a corset.  It depicts the sense of fashion awareness.
Status, style quotient and taste of the person wearing the corset. Nowadays
most of the Gowns, Dresses etc by any Designer incorporates a corset in it to
give and good fitting and comfort. Till date no other fashion garment has
sensed such social, cultural and sexual significance as “The Corset”


Celebrities that wore corsets

Always ahead of the
curve, Kim Kardashian was early to the corset game

Scarlett Johanson by Mario Sorrenti for vogue paris.

Kate Blanchet in Elizabeth The Golden Age

Marilyn Monroe in publicity of “river of no returns”

Vivein Leigh as Scarlette O’Hara during the film  silver screen

Anna Karina publicity still for Godard un femme est une

Linda Evangelista by Steven Meisel