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It reflects the jealousy and envy that they are feeling at that particular time in the play and therefore the audience share affection towards them. On the contrary it injects humour into our perception of Mickey and Eddie. As the audience are “hooked” on the characters they are manipulated more easily in their reaction towards them. In the fist half the songs create a happy and jolly atmosphere like the first song we hear is about having children and the wedding but as you move into the second half you get the felling of depression and things in the family start to go down hill.

“Then I found that I was six months over due, we got married in a registry and then we had a do, and we went dancing” this is reflecting Mrs Johnston’s life. This song pattern is constant through out the show each time the lines different but have the same context so seems to contrast the emotions at the beginning and the end. It had a very great impact on the audience as the chorus was repeated it sunk into your head and you grasped the words more easily so you could understand the meaning better and had more time for the other songs to sink in to.

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The scene that stuck into my head the most was after Mickey has just come out of prison and he is just about to go to work. While he was in prison they gave him anti depressants and now he is hooked. He packs his lunch and asks Linda where his anti depressants are but Linda denies that she knows where they are. Mickey knows that Linda is lying and flips, as he needs the pills to survive the day. It is very powerful scene as Mickey ends up shaking Linda violently and throwing her on the floor until she gives him the pills.

I found this very moving and shocking as it seemed so real and really hit home as I know people that it has happened to and they portrayed the emotion perfectly. It is also shocking to the audience as it is a contrast to the happiness of the first half and the first few scenes in the second half like Linda having her baby and Mickey and Linda getting married. It also shows just how much some people do to get their daily dose of drugs and it deters them to virtually killing their loved ones as they think that they need the drug so much. November 16th.

Today I met the most smashing chap his name was Mickey and do you know what, he’s born on exactly the same day as me and we are the same age. He taught me the most funniest but naughty word today. Do you know what it was? Fuk I don’t know what it means but it’s awfully naughty. We’re blood brothers now forever! I told mummy that I had met a new friend but when I said that it was Mickey she started shouting at me and telling me that I was a naughty boy and shouldn’t be hanging around with the likes of him. I don’t know what I did wrong I didn’t mean to hurt her she was just cross and she didn’t mean to I’m sure she didn’t .

Anyway must go now because its time for tea. Ta ta for now Edward July 24th Hello again. I met up with Mickey today; I didn’t recognize him to begin with. He had just said goodbye to Linda when I turned up and blimey she’s got a pair of legs on her and that’s not all she got 😉 she got big tits too! It’s a shame really that Mickey likes her too but I’m sure I’ve got a better chance with her than Mickey but don’t you go telling him that I just said that. We had great fun together, like the good old days but better. I thought we were never going to see each other again after we had moved.

I’ve missed him loadz his company and Linda’s. Mummy flipped again when I told her that Mickey had moved nearer to us she went all psychotic. I don’t know what it is with her. O well must go, Mickey and I are going into town tonight! Bye Edward January 12th I’ve just seen Mickey and he seems really annoyed with me I don’t know why. I invited him to my party but he snapped at me for know apparent reason. I had it all the money the lot I even reminded him that we were blood brothers but he said that it was babyish and that I need to grow up. He’s just probably had a bad day or week.

I saw Linda this morning and she looked really sad. I couldn’t control my feelings. I just had to tell her I poured my heart out. I told her that I loved her and said that I wanted to marry her. She just turned around. I knew something was wrong. Then she told me. I could have died. Linda and Mickey are married now they even have a child. She said she was sorry and that I should have told her earlier as she had had feelings for me too. That hurt the worst I spent all that time encouraging Mickey to ask her out. I suppose it was my fault I should have stuck around a bit longer.