The war, the bloody massacre is the event

The introduction1775 an angry mob is standing in front of 4 British officers yell at them because the lost they’re jobs the British get scared read to find out what happens in the massacre how it affected the revolutionary war and paul revere’s etching about the massacre.The MassacreThe bloody massacre is one of the events that sparked the war. This terrible event caused killed three men (Crispus Attucks a black sailor was killed with ropemaker Samuel Gray and a mariner named James Caldwell, and wounding 8 others, two of whom died later Samuel Maverick and Patrick Carry) and many more it is a tragic event for many people. This event took place in 1770 And the first British troops came in 1768, a tow meeting was call to discuss the bloody massacre. The point of this was to removal of the British and the trial of Captain Preston But shockingly some people defend the troops were brought to the courthouse, at the courthouse  John Adams and Josiah Quincy II defended the British leading to the British being found not guilty and then they are released, leaving angry people the troops the killed the people they love were not brought to justice.  How The Massacre Affected The War How the Boston Massacre affected the war, the bloody massacre is the event that kill many colonists and wounded a lot others. One of the reason the massacre affected the war is Paul Revere’s etching, the etching lead people to think the bloody massacre was worse than it seems. Even though it was horrible paul revere made it seem worse, The other reason the massacre is pretty obvious the reason is, they killed people when the general was telling them not to shoot  they killed innocent people and that is when the colonist decided they did not want the British by their homes, and how the bloody massacre affected the war.Paul Revere etching Paul Revere’s etching, paul revere is one of the reason the revolutionary  war broke out his famous etching of the massacre. The etching miss leaded many people to see the massacre as something else. The etching is a big reason the bloody massacre is such a big part of the war it sended the massage that the British are bad and needed to be stopped, This is the reason Paul Revere’s etching is so important.