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The Manatee County School Board mission is to enlighten the students with a desire to learn and to follow their dreams while providing to the community, nation, and world. The manatee county school system is passionate about the students in providing the top curriculum, teachers, and facilities to advocate the student’s achievement to prepare them for the workforce. I believe that the Manatee County school district offers public schools that cater to the students from kindergarten through twelve grade. Manatee County school system is a great place for diversity to be taught. Here are three reasons why the public school system has a big influence on the topic of diversity, Because of race, gender, and language.First, race plays a major role in the school system because it is not just one race going to school. However, it is multiple students going to school who have different racial backgrounds. For example, the number of students in this district is about 42,916 as a whole. The different racial backgrounds are African American which has about 500 students, Hispanic which have about 10,000 students, Asian which have about 721 students, and White which as 21,900 students. With this number of students, the school has a mix of everyone learning the curriculum. Next, gender plays another role in the school system because there is not just one gender attending school. There are male and female students who are attending school. It is important for the school to have lessons for students when they are trying to understand who they are as male or female. When students get to know other students they tend to hang out with people who are somewhat like them. This is where gender roles come in to play and they begin to build friendships and learn about each other.Last, language plays the final role in diversity because there are many students whose first language is not English. However, there could be some students who have language problems. For example, for students who are having language difficulties they can learn vocabulary words of basic terms. The students can read different texts and understand different genres of literature. I believe that teacher can make lesson plans to help the language learners. In conclusion, teaching diversity in the school is very important and the Manatee County school system serves a very diverse group of students. However, diversity is shown in the race, gender, and language of the school system. For them, as a culture, they celebrate holidays and important events throughout the school year. I did not attend public school when I was growing up. But from what I read and looked up the public school is a great place to get an education because they care about the students and making sure they succeed.