The Simpson

Kel’s admits to being violent towards Nathan on a regular and basis and he admits that he is the same towards her, this still shows Nathan in a very bad light but also brings a women down to his level also, from these variations it does slightly improve the representations that are painted of men. On the ‘Maury’ show it is slightly harder to do so. The women sometime act with violent behavior towards the men when they do not want to hear something that they say or that is revealed to them, however the men always react and tend to portray these violent acts also.

Men are however always seen in the wrong and need to apologize to the women. Altogether through out both shows men are represented within a negative light they act with masculine representations and continue to show men in a bad way. The way the hosts act on the show however boosts the representations of men, however these issues can link to the class status of the men showing that lower class men who tend to be guests are always within the wrong and middle/upper class men who are the hosts always tend to be in the right knowing what they are talking about and knowing that they have to answers to the guests.

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This is shown within an article by Barbara Ehrenreich, she states that ‘Members of the white working classes are portrayed as dumb and inarticulate. Such stereotypes serve to silence the voice of the working class in the media. ‘ and she also points out that ‘It is also possible that the privileged class and corporations who own the media outlets are pursing their own social and political agenda. ‘6 The audience is in-between as they are shown to carry on the thoughts that are presented to them by the hosts of the shows, which allow them to take away who is right and wrong and how you should behave in the real world.

Men within the two shows are not always presented in a good light, with my in depth research I found what I expected to find from my research that men are ‘presented in a negative light compared to women and that they are rude, arrogant and do not care about what is going on within the world around them this is mainly due to the stereotypical view presented within other media. ‘ I think this is to do with many of items, such as how the audience is positioned and what the producers of the show want us to understand from the show.

However there are some differences in what I thought I would find, I don’t think men are always in the wrong and sometimes women are presented within the negative light that men are. This allows the audience to understand that there is some good in men and that it is more about the person you are instead of if you are male or female. ` Word count – without quotes 1979 with quotes 2281 Bibliography Kyle, Jeremy. ‘I’m only being honest’ – Hodder ; Stoughton 2009.

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