The always pestered me with deciding about future.

The term “purpose” is only reason for an individual to pave path for reality, enhance source of knowledge and ultimately guides one towards action that manifests the reason of survival. This purpose of life instigates me to walk an extra mile and pursue it.

One such purpose well thought over is choosing a career in Physiotherapy. Among the medical stream options, the most challenging one is Physiotherapy. Given the development scenario of the field, the society is completely indebted to the experts of Physiotherapy of yester years for the growth it has seen. Right from schooling I was fascinated with facts of medical science but a concern always pestered me with deciding about future.

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 While attending biology classes during Pre-college course, my agony about future resolved as my confidence of pursuing my interest strengthened. Further icing on cake, to pursue my interest strengthened to a level up when a medical exhibition of 3 days including a workshop for aspirants was organized by a premier institution cum hospital in hometown. Those 3 days briefed me about various facts of medical science and what caught my attention was Physiotherapy. The fact that a person with a Spinal cord injury can walk; post Physical therapy intervention amazed me. The whole field concerns with the assessment, diagnosis and muscular-skeletal management of the conditions to train for mobility and thus, increase the living standards of the patient. My attendance for workshop and Q&A to the specialist caught attention of a doctor supervising the workshop who opened my eyes about Physiotherapy. Indeed an eye opening moment it was and I subsequently went on to pursue the course in September 2013.

Physiotherapy is a noble and challenging discipline. It is an established and regulated profession, which requires keen eye for detail and some specific aspects of clinical practice and education, indicative of diversity in social, economic and political contexts. But it is clearly a single profession obtained in any country that represents the completion of a curriculum that qualifies the Physiotherapist to use his professional title and as an independent practitioner. The flexibility and variety of career paths available and the practical emphasis in this profession, as well as the prospect of improving someone’s standard of life and well-being particularly appeals to me.

The grad school where I am currently pursuing my final phase of the BPT degree, SDM College of Physiotherapy, Karnataka, India; holds major role in arousing interest to explore beyond what is taught and apply in practice in society. The courses as taught in college always fuelled desire to break boundaries of learning provided and quench my thirst for knowledge by applying for Post baccalaureate DPT studies. The scope for the course in India is narrowed and the Practitioners limit themselves to simple practice in hospitals or lecturing in College. My ideology is far from former: breaking the geographical barriers and travelling to Country of Origin of Physical Therapy (USA) is the key for me to acquire clinical knowledge in areas of Physical Therapy that will help me bring in awareness about methodologies in treating patients and therapies to be used in multiple diagnoses.

During my grad school; I came across a Professor, Dr C G Prashanth who is an inspiration to me. He once told in one of his lectures “Never settle for less when you know you can reach beyond”. He is the one who bought Aquatic therapy to India when people didn’t even know what that meant. He is an inspiration to opt for DPT in USA because I believe that I’m a person who wouldn’t settle for less and I know I can reach beyond.

The universities in USA are known for the standard of education they provide. A DPT degree in USA will fetch me the required clinical knowledge in the desired areas, it will help me understand the different therapeutic practices approached by experts, would facilitate me with right application of treatment and a wide network of the course. The universities in USA provide DPT aspirants with competencies required to enter clinical practice and become eligible with licensure to work in multiple professions of healthcare. To establish a prosperous career in Physical Therapy in India post DPT will be very well supported by pursuing DPT in USA. Hence I find it very appropriate for my personal growth to apply for DPT in USA.     

Being an Indian, I would personally want to create awareness about Physical therapy in India, where the need for Physical therapy is maximum but the awareness being minimum. Educating the people of India regarding Physical therapy is of utmost importance and this can be done only when I have sound knowledge about the subject, which I believe the universities in USA will provide.                                     

On personal ground, my academic life has however not prevented me from being active student throughout graduate life. My participation in extra-curricular activities i.e., College cultural events, rural medical camps, events like marathon, participating in medical conferences keep me active and social in environment. My hobbies include reading, music, travel and fitness. This gives me a simultaneous opportunity to explore the country because I love travelling. On the other hand, I’m a fitness freak and thus I know how important health is. These activities keep me well connected to environment and has equipped me with strong interpersonal skills.

I do believe that a DPT degree from USA will help me achieve my career objectives and fulfill my purpose of serving the healthcare system. It would be a privelege to be accepted as a part of the University family. It is my ardent desire to have a mutually beneficial association with University in USA so as to meet a common platform of excellence where I can contribute my best.

I want to pursue my DPT degree from the University of Michigan flint because of various reasons:                                                                                                                                                         1. The International Center at UM-Flint is a resource for students from around the world.        This keeps me connected with the university and its’ staff.                                                            2. The fee structure in UM-Flint is comparatively low and this would really help lower my    expenses.                                                                                                                                          3. Safe housing with affordable living around the campus is what I found on the UM-Flint website. Being an International student I would look forward to options like these.                           4. The duration of the post baccalaureate DPT program in UM-Flint is for 2 years and the other Universities provide the same program for 3 years which is really long.                                                                                           5. The campus being small, offers a better opportunity to communicate with the staff and the students                                                                                                                                                                                                              6.The staff are really supportive, as they go out of their way to help students when asked.       Considering all the above points, UM-FLINT is the right choice.


To pursue DPT in USA will be like beginning of envisioned dream and I assure sincerity in my work, to contribute positively to the University of Michigan flint and keep its image as high as ever with my sincere and devoted pursuit of study.

I look forward to a very fruitful association in your encouraging and competitive environment of academic excellence.


                                                                                                  GOURI KOPPAL