The surely affect the future of this nation.

Illuminati conspiracy is most certainly an interesting issue and it allows
curious people to challenge their attitudes and opinions all while searching
for the honest truth. Such believers should stick to critical thinking and conducting
more research to find out the truth (Steiger). Regardless of the matter or
believing or not, the history of Illuminati is throughout the history of the
world, the proof gives a challenge in trying to prove a point. The history of the
Illuminati is absolutely interesting and there are many myths that go along
with it. When a conspiracy theory is thought of from the angle of the modern
world, it is extremely difficult to discover whether or not this theory is true,
or whether or not this is a paranoid way of thinking for some people. The story
of the Illuminati has been ridiculed, deflated and exaggerated many of times. Its
very existence is a great controversy that can only be answered by evidence.
Truthfully, many members of the world’s most current leaders and stars have
been caught doing the same hand sign and handshake. This is no coincidence.
There are many websites that argue whether the Illuminati is real or not. But
it is. The Illuminati are getting even more powerful and threatening
internationally, and there is no doubt about it. This is not a fear tactic, it
is just a government weapon that was leaked out and now is exposed to the whole
world through the internet. Well, if it is real or not, I guess we will find
out in years to come.(blusky33).To get the exact truth about a group that is
meant to be secret is definitely a challenge and people must use a sense of
judgment to differ the facts from the fabrications. Because it is impossible to
answer every last question regarding the Illuminati, I attempted to draw a more
accurate picture of the New World Order and to shed light on more important
facts that will surely affect the future of this nation.