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The definition of growth is “the process of developing or maturing physically, mentally, or spiritually,” according to Oxford Dictionaries. Growth can be shown in many different ways. For example, in 8th grade, we wrote an essay about a book we had recently read and I got a lot of poor comments on the essay when I got it back. I rewrote it and got a 100 on the essay and showed a tremendous amount of growth. In elementary school, I usually got B’s in Reading but in the past 4 years, I’ve got all A’s in Language Arts. Growth can be shown by accomplishing goals. Since English has not been my strongest subject, my goal for this semester was to pass this class with a B- or higher and so far I have exceeded this goal. I have grown this semester in English 9 Honors in reading comprehension, DGP, writing, and vocab.In the past, reading comprehension has not always been my strong suit. I usually got C’s and B’s on the reading test in 7th and 8th grade. This year I have shown growth in reading comprehension because where I was getting low grades before I have now started getting A’s on the test. On PowerSchool, it shows that I got a C- on the first reading quiz in this class we ever had which is low by my standards. On the next reading quiz, I got a D- which is unacceptable according to my parents and me. On this test, I remember how hard I thought the quiz was. On the next reading quiz, I tried my very hardest and got a 10/10! My failures influenced my personal growth. I have also shown growth on the cold read test, which also falls into the reading comprehension category. On PowerSchool, it shows that I got B’s on the first two cold read test. On the most recent cold read test I got an A. This shows little growth but is a lot in the long run.In middle school, grammar was not one of the main subjects we worked on in our Language Arts classes. DGP really improved my grammar skills by showing me the different parts of speech, different sentence parts, phrases, clauses, and types, how to use different types of punctuation, and how to diagram. On the DGP quiz that was over parts of speech and sentence parts, I got a C+. On the next DGP that was over diagramming (which, in my opinion, is one of the hardest subjects in DGP) , I got a B! This also shows minimal growth, but I have learned a lot this year in grammar because of DGP. On, on the first few essays I had a lot of grammar mistakes but as the semester progressed, the fewer mistakes I made. On _____, 2017, in my writer’s notebook, I wrote ——–.In elementary and middle school, we didn’t write many reports or essays. When we first started doing writing essays this year, I didn’t know how to write good essays. On the diagnostic essay we wrote at the very beginning of the year, I got some poor comments back. Mrs. Miller wrote, “Be sure that your body points match the thesis points,” and, “How can you transition your reader from one point to the next?” Also on, it shows that I had two grammar errors, two mechanics errors, and three usage errors. This was not a very well-written essay in my opinion. On the book review we wrote about a month later, I only got 1 bad comment from Mrs. Miller saying, “IS there any benefit for older readers? Why would I have this on my shelf?”I also only had one usage error according to One of the last essays we wrote was our writing buddy letter. I got one good comment from Mrs. Miller that said, “How nice!”On, it shows that I had only one usage error. I progressed little by little each time I wrote a new essay.