The Sadly, we noticed something wrong with her


            The purpose of this study is to know
if there is truly an improvement in each Barangay and if the people living in
the community are aware of these changes and improvements, also to know if the
following statements of the Barangay officials are truly beneficial to everyone
in the Baranggay, assuring its legitimacy.

            Last January 26, 2018, me and my
groupmates went to Barangay Parada to have our field study on the changes and
improvements of their Barangay. Before doing our field study for our subject
Cultural Anthropology, our Professor, Ms. Queennie Del Rosario lets us made a
questionnaire regarding the said study. The questionnaire is universal, which
means all questions to be ask for every socially stratified people is the same
to the questions that will be asked to the Barangay officials. Also, we
provided a letter of authorization and signed by Ms. Del Rosario for us to
formally ask permission to the Barangay officials to have our field study in
their Barangay. The questions that we prepared mainly focused on the
development of their community in terms of positive changes and it’s effects,
and the projects implemented to their Barangay for the past 3 years.

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            Before giving the questionnaire we
provided for the Barangay official, which is the Executive Treasurer of the
Barangay, we asked her first where do they get their funds or budget for the
Barangay. She told us that all funds are given from the Municipal Office of
Sta. Maria. Sadly, we noticed something wrong with her statement regarding the
allocation of the funds, as she said that only 1% of the budget are allocated
for the projects for Senior Citizens and Persons With Disabilities (PWDs), but
according to her answer to the questionnaire, there are no projects for these
type of people. That’s why a question circled in our minds, where does this 1%
of the budget went if there’s no project to spend for? Well, we’ll leave that
to legalities, we’re not in the position to ask about it. But there are still
some livelihood organization that comes from the Municipal Office, the only
duty of the Barangay is to receive requirements for these livelihood programs.
Those projects are for everyone, she said, and there are no specific type of
people for this project. The Municipal Office gives “pangkabuhayan packages” and “pushcart
tindahan” to those who have all
the requirements needed to receive such benefit. She also mentioned that they
only have sports events for the youth in the Barangay, but no livelihood
projects are given specifically to them. It’s a wee bit of a disappointment,
but still they have projects to offer for everyone which is a sign of good

A bit of
improvements happened to their Barangay as what the official said such as, road
constructions and street lights installation. Of course, those plans that are
implemented truly give a sigh of relief to the citizens of the Barangay. We
noticed that those developmental projects they implemented are legitimate, we
are eye-witnesses for that as we saw that Barangay Parada has a very neat and
firm roads, and the streetlights doesn’t look like they’re from a novel made by
Dr. Jose Rizal, not that clean but acceptable because we know that the weather
and climate is the main cause of it, a phenomenon that no one can stop or

We also ask
the Barangay official if she can say that their Barangay is the best or the
most developed Barangay in the whole municipality of Sta. Maria. She said that
she can’t say yes or no, it’s in the middle she said as of course there are a
lot of Barangays in Sta. Maria and there are other Barangays that are a lot
more better than theirs, but she can confidently say that they can uplift their
Barangay to be the best of all in their municipality.