The hire a cleaner or a builder, but

The Top
Robotics Trends Of 2018

Robotics is something which was long considered a futuristic notion. Robots
were long the subject of science fiction, but in the past few years, they’ve
come a long way with the aid of modern technology. 2018 brings a brand new set
of challenges and implications for robotics, and so we’re going to be taking a
look at some of the top trends which you can expect to see this year in the

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1. Cloud-Based Robotics

One thing which we can expect to see in the
robotics world is the increase of software which utilises cloud technology. As
you’re probably well aware, cloud-based systems are ones which store files and
information in a central cloud, which can then be accessed and used by anyone.
This approach could very well be introduced into the robotics field, allowing
for a team of robots which can seamlessly share information and files among

Government Intervention Within Robotics

With robotics set to be introduced into the modern workplace very soon, there’s
going to be a need for some regulation and control over the cybernetic
lifeforms as well as the organic ones. Governments will need to explore this
area of robotics and ensure that an adequate working environment is created
which allows for harmony between the machines and the race that created them.
3. Demand For Talent Based Roles

Looking more at the human side of robotics, it is expected that the number of
jobs available for talented individuals will increase. These robots will need
engineers and designers to help ensure that they’re programmed for interaction
with people, and the need for specialists will rise. This will, of course, have
the knock-on effect of creating a rise in the average salary as well.
4. More Collaboration Robots

One thing which we can expect to see the robotics world is the rise of the
robots which work together with the human workers in a workplace. Instead of
having a team of robots completely take over a department, the modern workplace
can expect to see teams of human and mechanical workers cooperating to advance
an organisation.

5. The
Growth Of The Robot In A Service

One of the more exciting trends in robotics this year
may well be the introduction of robots which work on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ system.
This means that they will require a certain fee depending upon the level of the
task and the time it will take to undertake. It’s similar to how you might hire
a cleaner or a builder, but the worker will instead be a robot.

Overall, these are just a few of the top robotics trends which you might well
see this year. With technology progressing and moving ahead in big ways, it is
not uncommon to find robotics creeping into every element of the corporate
world. While they’re not entirely replacing the human populace just yet, there
is potential for your workplace to include a robot within it, as an aid during
the particularly busy times.