The genetically altered to enable T cells


The way in which the human body works
and how it’s perfectly adapted to this world something unmatched in its wonder.
The most prestigious gift that we human beings have been bestowed with is to
save and change lives. I am passionate about Biology and enjoy the intellectual
challenge it involves. What fascinates me most about the human body is how it
is constantly overcoming challenges in its battle for survival. I want to be
able to explore the world of human biology and strive to find out more about
our species and how I would be able to use my knowledge and understanding to
help others in need.

Genetics and immunology are other aspects of biology
that I find thrilling. Recently, there had been great excitement in the field
of the T cell gene therapy. The HIV was genetically altered to enable T cells
to attack cancerous cells, without the virus causing disease to the host and
cured a young girl from leukaemia. The very fact that scientists and doctors
were able to isolate the particular reason why the virus was so deadly- its
attack on immune cells- and use it instead to save lives, was what made this
particular introduction to medical healthcare so amazing to me.

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For my GCEs I have chosen Biology to help me get an
in-depth understanding of how and the human body functions the way it does. I
have also chosen Chemistry as it would help my laboratory and practical skills
which are vital in the biomedical field. I have also taken A Level Physics and
Mathematics as I believe this would boost my logical and problem solving
Aside from my passion for science I am also a lover of arts and an avid reader
and enjoy reading educational magazines (Natural Geographic for example) as I
find them stimulating and helps me keep up with the dynamic nature of science
and the world around us. Having a flair for creative writing, I have won prizes
at school English Day for my essays. This passion of mine also gave me the
privileged to be a part of the editorial board of ‘WIDSOM’, my school’s

I was a member of the senior debating team for my
house. This was an experience which exposed me to how people view and react to
various problems, and allowed me to develop my communication as well as
team-working skills. I have been the vice captain for my house and also the
deputy Head Girl. These privileges and responsibilities given to me showed that
they trusted me to serve our school, by helping to lead my peers and coach
younger students, in addition to maintaining discipline. These duties helped me
hone my leadership skills and ability to work with those around me, as a part
of an efficient team. I was also a member of the Girls’ Association in School
and was elected class representative thrice. Through this I learned to organize
events and became acutely aware of what others required of me.

I have also organised a visit to the King Faisal
University Hospital in Riyadh. I expect to be able to observe the day-to-day
experience of medical and biomedical professionals, how work is conducted in
the hospital’s laboratories (including the pathology laboratories) and how the
doctors and lab technicians together work to provide necessary treatment for
their patients. I believe this will give me further knowledge about biomedicine
and a better insight into what exactly the biomedical field requires of me

look forward to the opportunity to become part of a university community that
would mould me in the best way possible so that I emerge fit and able to help
others using health care. I am confident I would be able to work well with
others work hard to contribute to a university that chooses me. . As a woman of
faith, I hold dear the following saying from my religion, “Every disease has a
cure”. This saying gives me great hope and determination to help improve the
health of mankind