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The current news story I found regarding Samsung in Canada was about Samsung Canada’s plan to open up a sixth Samsung Experience Display Store, which will be the largest to date. It was titled “Samsung Canada To Transform the Retail Brand Experience”. The Experience Display Store is set to showcase a variety of new Samsung Products. Some of the most anticipated displays were a full Samsung kitchen, new virtually reality system and the new lineup of new smartphones and tablets. South Korea is Canada’s seventh largest trading partner in the world. In 2009 it was the seventh largest export and import destination. For a long time it has been canada’s third largest trading partner in Asia, following China and Japan. In 2009 South Korea’s Bilateral trade with canada amounted to 9.4$ billion, consisting of 3.5$ billion of Canadian imports and 5.9$ billion in exports to Canada. The products being imported from Canada were mainly resource based goods, making up 72% of all imports from Canada in 2009. Coal was the largest resource based import being valued 1.1$ billion, which made up 30% of all imports from canada that year. Most of South korea’s exports to Canada making up 86% of total exports to Canada. The largest of which being cars, at a value of 1.5$ billion. It is also worth noting that Canada holds a slight trade surplus with Canada.Working conditionsSouth Korea’s legal weekly duration is from 40 to 44 hours per week. They also have a minimum age of retirement of 60 years old. The minimum wage is 6,470 (6.08) USD and the average yearly revenue is 36,354 USD. There are also a variety of social contributions, such as the national pension (4.5%), health insurance (3.2%) and accident and employee insurance. Another notable aspect of the working conditions in South Korea is that the person of working males was at 84.61% in 2017 and the percent of females working n 2017 was 50.16%.ImmigrationSouth Korea has around 1.58 million foreign residents the largest of which come from China, making up over a million of the foreign residents. In 2016 they were bringing in 2.6 immigrants for every 1000 people. Many people immigrating to South Korea are working on farm villages and mining. You must get a visa to work in South Korea.Canadians going to the Republic of Korea to work, teach or model (part-time or full-time, paid or unpaid) must enter the ROK using the appropriate work visa. Changes of status from any other visa status to a work visa are not granted within the country. Any foreigner who begins work without the appropriate visa is subject to arrest, costly fines and deportation. Persons working without a valid work-permit, who have a contractual dispute with his/her employer, have little or no entitlement to legal recourse under South Korean law.Korean Company: SamsungA country that operates in Canada and South Korea is Samsung. It was started in Daegu South korea, in 1938 and since then has become one of the largest companies in the world with their products reaching internationally and having many 83 subsidiaries in Korea and over 1000 internationally. They’re most known for their technological products that range smartphones to washing machines. There are three CEO’s of the company, who are Kwon Oh-hyun, Yoon Boo Keun and Jong-Kyun Shin. One of the CEO’s Kwon Oh-hyun went to Seoul National University where he got a B.S in electrical engineering. He has been working at Samsung since 1985, some of his notable achievements at samsung are that he led the creation of the 64MB DRAM.Samsungs operates its company with three different divisions. The first division is the Consumer Electronics, which manufactures printers, color television, laundry machines, monitors and other items. The second division is the Information technology and Mobile Communications, which manufactures network systems, digital cameras and handheld phones. The last division is the Device Solutions division which manufactures display and semiconductor parts, such as DRAM’s, film and flashes. All of these products are sold domestically and internationally, through several means. Such as retail stores, Samsung stores and online.Samsung’s products are sold at retail stores in Canada by other companies such as Best Buy or Walmart. They also are sold at Samsung stores that are scattered around Canada. The head office in Canada is In Mississauga Ontario, which is often considered the Canadian equivalent to the technology hub of silicon valley in the United States.