There and unprofessional; many companies are doing professional

There are mix reviews about do essay writing services work
or not. If you search through internet about essay writing services you will
find number of scams relating this service; on the other hand, students are rating
this service very useful and beneficial for them. Some students unfortunately
get into a trap of illegitimate writing services, who then share their bad
experience with rest of world which creates a bad image of this service overall.
But this does not mean that all services are illegitimate and unprofessional;
many companies are doing professional and legitimate work.

Custom essay writing service has become a populated market
since last 6 to 7 years; with increasing number of working students and
increasing trend in students of outsourcing work to these companies resultantly
enhances their business with great volume. This mindset that all writing
service are scam are not right, most of the companies are in this business from
years and doing professional and reliable work for students. They build their
goodwill with trustworthy work and quality in their paper writing. Professional
writing services are very keen to provide reliable services to their customers
as they are experienced in their field and providing professionally written

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More experienced the company in this market their controls
for reliability and trustworthy work will be better. Their process of
recruiting writers is well designed and based on eligibility criteria; they
only hire Masters and PhDs with years of experience in writing and thorough
background in relevant field. The writers are engage in day to day research
work to be updated on relevant subjects and when asked to write they fulfill
all the given requirements efficiently with their experience and skills.

Furthermore, legitimate writing services put strict controls
over plagiarism check and no work could pass to customers without being checked
and if any kind of plagiarism detected in the paper it will immediately
rectified and then submitted to customers. Genuine and experienced writing
services do not use software based work for content generation as they are
prone to plagiarized and copy & paste work which results in inconvenience
for clients and impair the goodwill of the company. One more trait of
professional writing services is that they meet the given deadlines efficiently
and ensure timely submission. However, with all these reliable and professional
service given by them they charge reasonable prices according to the quality of
services they are giving.

Whereas, one of the signs of illegitimate and unprofessional
writing services are that they offer considerably low and cheap rates for their
services to attract more and more customers; as they know that they could not
provide up to the mark services to their clients they accordingly try to
attract customers through prices which are lower than prevailing market rate.
These scam companies do not have professional and expert writer and often their
content are written by non-native writers that are generally full of
grammatical errors.

Conclusively, there are both types of companies in the
market; one who are satisfying students with reliable and professional work and
those who are deceiving students for their material benefits. Therefore, it is
the duty of needy students to apply due diligence while selecting a company to
outsource their critical papers.