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There has been various changes in the Market that have impacted McDonalds as a company.  One of the past changes in the market that have impacted McDonald’s is the self- service checkout. This was first introduced in the later stage of 2016 with the models being launched in the US. This meant that McDonalds allows customers to pay (card only) without waiting in line . This shows that McDonald’s can adapt quickly and easily to new market ideas being used by other businesses. By using these self- checkout machines it shows that McDonalds are more of an technological company, this will positively promote their band. As customers pay in the checkout, mcdonalds are able to make profit on more customers using the machine. This is because McDonalds use machines that they have gotten for a cheaper price from suppliers.Another past change in the market is that McDonald’s has expanded their business massively and now has 1,249 stores across the UK. This shows that McDonalds is a successful business and is able to compete in an imperfect competition market. This positively impacts Mcdonalds as it increases their revenue and allows them to succeed in market share. Over time as McDonalds have expanded their business they have added new ranges like kids toys and happy meals changing every week which attracts customers to the place. This opens up a larger target audience, which leads to more profit. In the mid section of 2017 McDonald’s introduced their deliver service that allows customers to order food in most areas. This is due to the company partnering with the delivery company knows as Uber Eats. This impacts Mcdonalds positively and negatively because they will have to employ more external workers for the round o’clock delivery service. As employee will need to to get the orders sorted for ASAP delivery ,this means McDonalds will have to pay more wages. However, having a delivery service would attract more customers daily, gaining profits and expand their brand name All these past changes show that McDonalds is always looking to improve their business as they are moving forward with the times its shows that McDonalds are adaptable when the market changes. If McDonald’s were not adaptable they would not be able to survive in the market, due to them being providing out of date services. Therefore this shows they’re adapting as they are improving services in local stores worldwide and are expanding their business In future I think McDonalds will successfully adapt to the market as there is already evidence of them doing this. Therefore there is no reason to believe they wouldn’t be able to adapt their business to suit the market needs/changes. One recent change that McDonalds has adapted to is Brexit, this could have been a risk for McDonalds but they have proven to adapt their business to the new political changes. In conclusion McDonalds has shown to be a successful business through their business environment and market structure. We can tell that McDonalds is able to adapt to any external influences that the market change such as Brexit, which leads to the recession . This is because it may be harder and more expensive for McDonalds to trade with other countries, however this has not affect McDonalds which shows they can easily adapt to political factors. Through the market structure McDonalds has proven to be successful even during the past changes when they have expanded their business, as this could be a risk if the store is not successful.