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There was a time when no income verification mortgages were popular in early 2000’s. Loans were provided to anyone with a certain credit card score and without any income verification. These loans were also called “no doc” loans and were handed out as candy. However many of the people were unable to repay these loans, this resulted in housing crises. Today these loans are making a comeback but not to the same extent. Credit Score plays key roleThose people who have maintained their credit score that is over 700, have a higher chance of getting a no income verification mortgages. Lenders not only look at your credit score, they also look at credit history too. You must have a flawless history within few years, which means no force closure, no bankruptcy, late payments, and collections. Lenders see how financially responsible you are and how you handle your loans without any issue.No income verification and self-employedSelf-employed borrowers are the one who needs a mortgage without income verification. Since they are not drawing their salary from a company, they don’t have a proper documentation to prove it.This is where no income verification mortgages take place. In this kind of loans, lender looks at your credit score and your bank statements to make sure that you have steady income flow and you will be able to repay your loanTo enhance you no income check mortgage loans:Make regular deposits in your bank to show a steady income flow on you bank statements either on your personal or business. These deposits don’t need to be the same every-timeBusiness contracts which show your cash flow can be helpful in providing a proof for consistent income A letter of verification form your CPA that you are self-employed can help you getting a mortgage without income verificationHaving high reserves in you liquid account make you look less risky to the lender. This means that you have the reserve for payments when your income falters and you cannot make the mortgage payment.Today you may find very less number of lenders who still provide a no income verification mortgages. However if you can maintain your credit score, bank statements you might find someone you can lend you. The smaller and privately owned companies are the ones which still provide a no income verification mortgages.