There hope to many women across the world.

There are many different genres of magazines however fashion and “model” magazines cause a lot of uproar when it comes to who they use and how they use women’s bodies to sell their product. Front cover girls are portrayed to have these perfect bodies, skin and perfect hair when in reality nobody looks like that without a whole load of photoshop and editing tools, therefore this gives a false impression to readers that it is possible to gain these perfect standards magazines seem to display on thousands of magazine covers. Due to these images being displayed on the front cover you don’t even need to be the reader of the magazine to notice them, this is what the writers of magazines want, it’s eye catching because of the unrealistic bodies they are illustrating. Many years ago in the 1950s Marilyn Monroe was the centre of attention featuring in hundreds of magazines and advertisements as the most beautiful women, a role model and at the time someone who had a “perfect body” women all over the world dreamed to look just like her, she didn’t have long flowing blonde hair or a small nose, she had curves, her stomach wasn’t flat and toned she didn’t have little pin legs. So when did society start to believe the models that are shown today are so perfect?Fashion magazines are full of headlines of famous celebrities who’ve ‘Dropped 4 dress sizes’ and ‘lost 3 stones through detoxing’ however the company are just trying to decieve young girls into thinking these body images are achievable just by drinking shakes for six weeks or following a certain meal plan when in actual fact it’s through paying thousands of pounds on surgeries and botox to make their waist smaller and there boobs bigger, its a marketing scheme which has made millions of pounds through advertising false hope to many women across the world. These magazines also contain all the typical generic conventions of the fashion and beauty world, so there are many factors they must consider before releasing the magazines on to the shelf such as the brightness and colours used on their front covers usually magazines such as Elle and Marie Claire have bright colours with high lighting as this is what attracts the readers and the general public to buy it, they also need to consider the types of headlines and mastheads they use to really entice the audience to want to look further than just the front cover of the magazine. The clothing of the model is also a key aspect, if the model is wearing ‘out of date’ clothes and items that are not in fashion anymore it’s not going to sell to the intended target audience. The main theme of the magazine is also usually displayed on the front page so it gives the audience a real taste of what’s inside the magazine without actually having to look for it themselves, therefore images of clothing and makeup is used and printed largely on front covers to again entice readers.