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There are a lot of footnotes from various articles on the internet that tell about the spirits wandering phenomenon. I have summarized some of the unique cases of this phenomenon which is really interesting. The first experience comes from Yogyakarta. According to Kaskus on the thread “Keluarga Tak Kasat Mata”. An employee named Genta give his story of this phenomena. He has been getting many experiences about meeting some ghost in his office. He meets some sightings that are really creepy. Genta believes that the ghost that he meets is spirit wandering. The spirit of one family that has been killed for some reason and cannot rest in peace.  Genta also makes a movie based on his experience with the tittle “keluarga Tak Kasat Mata” which released on 2017.  The other experience comes from Surabaya. there are some reports during JKT48 concert “wayahe suroboyo” – Surabaya time on 3 June 2016 at Darmo Permai, Surabaya. JKT48 fans who witnessed the live concert reported that some spirits wandering was clearly visible near the concert venue including kuntilanak, pocong etc. as well as the appearance of some fans also reportedly possessed. it remains unclear as to whether the report is real or fake. but reports about the appearance of some spirits wandering in this JKT48 concert area had viral in some time ago. and this incident was also linked with the terrible local legend that has been told from generation to generation. moreover, JKT48 concert location was very close to the most haunted location in Surabaya, Rumah Darmo. Rumah Darmo becomes the haunted and urban legend around Indonesia, especially Surabaya. The story tells that all of the family in Rumah Darmo dies because they breaking his agreement with Demon. So, the Demon probably took all his family life and also live in their house. The last but not least is the viral experience from the movie “Kisah Nyata Penampakan Hantu di Kota Bondowoso” which is become viral in 2004. This video tells the story of people who travel to some haunted place In Bondowoso. This person in the video also make a contact with a Ghost during the movie. Some people in its era said that this phenomenon is real. Some visible apparitions include Kuntilanak, Genderuwo, and Pocong or we can easily say they are the local ghost.


Same as some experiences that have been told before. I’ve also experienced this creepy phenomenon several times. In this article, I’m just focusing on my experience these past few days. This is the experience I have experienced also experienced by a lot of residents around my house. It was the 17th of January 2018. I recently returned from STBA LIA Jakarta after give my final exam paper project in English Speaking Society subjects to TU. My mother told me that there’s someone who I know better died. Yeah of course I know him well because the deceased person is one of the religious leaders in my neighborhood. He becomes famous because of he never angry at anyone and always look smiling. He died after previously carrying out routine sports walking around the village. He used to walk around the village from 5 am to 7 am. There is nothing strange about the ceremonial ritual of his corpse. The funeral ceremony went smoothly without any obstacles. moreover, the strange thing began to happen after one day of his death. On the morning of January 18, I saw a silhouette appearance similar to that person walking in front of my house at 4 am. I still think positively, maybe it’s another citizen who wants to go to the mosque. One question suddenly comes to my brain. Why do I feel shivering when it’s just ordinary people? The next day I experienced even more terrible experiences. in the morning at 5.35 am while I was walking to the front of highway. I was surprised to see the people who supposed to died 2 days ago walking in front of me. He uses white caps, the same shabby shirt, and trousers he used to wear after he returned from the mosque. He walked with a little smile to me and disappeared around the corner street. Some residents also recounted the same experience of meeting this dead man. Some see it while sweeping, also when they want to leave home for work and there are more testimonies. Meanwhile, one thing surely connected that the appearance of this spirit wandering only occurs when the near future to this human died at around 4 to 7 am.

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According to Islamic point of view, the deceased person will not be able to come back in the world. This is because the dimensions of the spirits of life and death are different. But there is one creature of God that can resemble other created beings of God. He is Jin Qorin. everyone in the world has their Jin Qorin. After the human died, his Jin Qorin still alive. Jin Qorin is a human companion which is born from the genie together with the birth of the human being. Jin qorin will resemble our being and imitate all of our behavior do during life. Jin Qorin is commissioned by God to mislead and seduce humans with some of his abilities. He can turn into anyone who has died except The Prophet Muhammad. Several verses about the presence of Jin Qorin are in the Muslim Holy Book, Al Quran.