There we are limited by their schedule and

There comes a time in
every person’s life when one can no longer rely upon their parents for everyday
transportation. As we age, one key factor binds us to our parents, and limits
the independence that we rightfully deserve. That factor is that we rely upon
our parents to take us where we need to go and when we need to get there, but
we are limited by their schedule and their plans. The situation becomes worse
if one has siblings, which depend upon their parents as well. One is forced to
shape their schedule as not to interfere with that of their siblings, and their
siblings are forced to do the same. And while public transportation may relieve
us from some of our dependence, it is limited by specific times and locations.
Public transportation is not a sufficient replacement for a car. Cars are just
as necessary to get around effectively as subways are to get around Manhattan.
There is no way around it.

If we were granted the
ability to separate ourselves from our parents, and have mobility it would
really be a positive thing for us, and the parents. Parents would no longer be
required to always be busy taking us everywhere and knowing every event we have
to attend. As for me, I could go anywhere I wanted, and I could have and learn
the responsibility of having free reign over my mobility.

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This struggle for independence of motion is not a new one. From the day we were
born, we have struggled to be able to move on our own. Our first battle won was
the ability to crawl. No longer were we forced to stay stationary where our
parents placed us. The skill to walk and then run then freed us from the slow
motion that crawling provided. The ability to jump and climb allowed us to
clear obstacles that out parents may have placed in our way. As we won more
battles against immobility, we eventually got our parents to trust us to go outside
on our own, and then to use public transportation on our own. But we must
strive for our final freedom. Is not ability to drive yourself wherever you
want, whenever you want, simply the final battle to be won against dependence
on your parents for mobility? Wouldn’t it symbolize final independence of
motion? Yes it would. Denying us from our own cars and the means to use them as
we please is just as much an injustice as denying someone the ability to walk
without permission. 

 We don’t all get our mobility on the
same day, but most of us will go through this battle. For some, independence
will come easy, with their parents quickly surrendering to their whims. For
others, winning independence may require a long and arduous struggle. But
whatever your situation, I tell you, the battle can be won! We will stand up
and fight it! We will gain our final freedom of mobility! To support this
declaration, we pledge to honor the rights and freedoms this document