This adapt revolutionary teaching methods, deal with motivated

      This article
illustrates us that problems face by teacher in curbing successful students. The
author is optimistic because most of the parents simply blame the teachers on their
children’s wrongdoing and misbehaviour in school. Therefore, the problems face
by teacher in curbing successful students are teachers need to adopt and adapt
revolutionary teaching methods, deal with motivated and de-motivated students
and to ensure that children will be ready to face the real world after

       Firstly, the
challenge face by teachers is teachers need to adopt and adapt revolutionary
and contemporary teaching methods. These recent years, the education system has
been revised, resulting in new syllabus, subjects, approaches and standards
being implemented in schools. These efforts are planned to cater to the needs
of the millennials and tech-savvy generation, who lead a different lifestyle
and learn in different ways.

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       Next, teachers need to deal with
motivated and de-motivated students. For motivated students they are ambitious
and enthusiastic also full of energy to learn, they set high expectations on
their teachers to help them explore new knowledge and challenge their ability
to think out of the box. As for de-motivated students, they fail to understand
that education will guide them to success. Hence, little do they realise that
education helps them become wise thinkers, will make smart decisions as they
manage their career, marriage and finance in the future.

       Lastly, parents
assume that their children are groomed to face the real world after finishing
school. They do not realise that teachers have tonnes of responsibilities in spite
of teaching students academically, socially and curriculum. Thus, many feel
that teachers are trusted individuals with unimpeachable.

        I partially
agree with the author that there is a need to produce teachers who are aware of
their responsibilities, capabilities and surroundings. Teachers should be able
to reflect on their behaviours and surroundings, as well as make decisions and
changes. This is because teachers represent a big role model for students at
school. However, parents also should not expect teachers to fully guide their
children in every aspects. In fact, parent and teacher should discuss ways to
overcome students problem.

conclusion, we affirm our stand that teachers face various of problems in
curbing successful students. Teacher is a second family for students after
their parents. They should have strong bonds, respect and care for each others.
True teachers stay effervescent when dealing with difficult and diverse
students. They will not shirk their duties or be easily shaken by storms for
they believe that the rainbow will grace their days eventually.