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This section provides a specific discussion for each of the research hypotheses and makes attempt to relate the findings to the existing literature. Addressing the first research hypothesis it was revealed that peer feedback has a significant effect on writing performance and improved it. As the researcher reviewed the literature, she found some relevant studies. Soleimani and Jamzivar (2014) conducted a quasi-experimental study which was designed to investigate the impact of providing written corrective feedback by peers on writing performance. The researchers homogenized 46 pre-intermediate learners in a private English institute in Tehran, Iran, and assigned them into two groups of 23: the peer feedback group, which were required to provide peer feedback, and the teacher feedback group, which received teacher feedback. In a 20-session course, participants handed in 16 paragraphs, and the feedbacks were given based on a checklist designed by the researchers. The t-test analysis of the post-test results revealed a meaningful statistical difference between the two groups, and the comparison of means reported a higher rate of performance improvement on peer-feedback group.

Wakabayashi (2013) intended to determine which is more beneficial to improving learner writing: reviewing peer texts or one’s own text. The study took place over one semester at a Japanese university with 51 students enrolled in two writing classes at two proficiency levels. The students at the lower proficiency level reviewed peer texts, while those at the higher proficiency level reviewed their own texts. Multiple task sheets were used in both classes for students to give detailed feedback on texts. To examine gains in writing quality, a comparative analysis was conducted on writing samples collected at the beginning and the end of the semester. A questionnaire survey was also conducted to investigate the students’ perceptions towards the tasks. The results of the analysis indicated that the students who focused on reviewing their own texts made more total gains in score than did the students who focused on reviewing peer texts. On the other hand, a significant correlation was observed between score gains and perceived effectiveness of the task with the students who focused on reviewing peer texts.

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