Thomas often. We need to take stand now

Thomas AdamsonEnglish Language Arts 10January 19, 2018Argumentative Essay Global Warming       “Global warming is the unusually rapid increase in Earth’s average surface temperature over the past century primarily due to the greenhouse gases released as people burn fossil fuels.” Global warming is significantly impacting our world today the health of are climate is at serious risk. Sea level rise is at a all time high, rising at a extraordinary rate. Numerous gases causing heat waves. Storms are accruing more often. We need to take stand now and fight global warming or our work could be gone destroyed just like that we need to stop this, our world is at that means you, your best friend, your family, and everyone else in this world, on this planet, is at risk from global warming global warming is a gun pointed at us and we need to stop feeding it ammunition.        What is the output on are earth caused by global warming? It is causing many changes to are earth and its economy and are weather patterns. Heat is added each to are earth are home each day. As the heat rises moisture is being let out over are ocean causing sea level to rise and if we don’t stop it will overflow spill on the sand and destroy what we’ve built.Now there is ways to slow the rate of global warming also known as the greatest struggle are earth has ever faced. So yes we can slow it but really? If you are being chased by death himself do you want to stop him or slow him down? What I mean by that is global warming is coming and we can not hide and we need to do more to stop it then just throw some rocks at it we need to kill global warming this is a kill or be killed situation and we will lose if we don’t do something.The surface temperature of earth has doubled in the past 100 years do to use of oils and gases we use everyday. Imagine of a shiny finger of ice a polar fork is found on Rudolf Island. On the island of Franz Josef of Russia, perennial ice is melting . “Glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising, cloud forests are dying and wildlife struggles to survive”. It is clear that most people the world has warmed over the last century by releasing a gas that is empowered in our modern world. “Greenhouse gases are accepted and their values ??are now higher than in the last 650,000 years.” How can we fix the issue that is global warming? The truth is we can not do much in the way of fixing this problem other than by changing little things in our everyday lives. Such as, using cars that run on electricity rather than fuel. But doing this like I stated before only really allows us to slow the rate of global warming rather than to stop it all together.       The global climate is changing. Most of the warming in the half century is attributed to human activities. Some types of extreme climatic increase, melting ice in the ground and at sea, sea levels increase. Climate change affects important sectors such as health, water and agriculture. Cross-sections and impacts of climate change at the intersection of different sectors (eg, energy, water and land use), as well as impacts on urban areas, communities and people. Global climate is going to continue to increase. No scientist or researcher has been able to see the stop or even the decrease in global warming in the years to come