Throughout blindly follow unjust rules. For example, Everyone

Throughout the book, a message expressed by the author Ally Condie is that free thinking and imagination is what makes every one of us unique, taking away our creativity leads to taking away our identity. Without the ability to express ourselves, people are more likely to become mindless and will follow a basic routine and blindly follow unjust rules. For example, Everyone in Cassia’s world follows the rules without a blink of an eye. Another example is they all wear the same clothes. Which is another way to express themselves that is taken away by the society. In our Nation, we have a choice to choose basically whatever we want. But in our community, we are starting to eliminate the individual. We are all struggling to become ‘normal’ and to fit in with the crowd. Everyone is striving to wear the same clothes, have the same hair, and live the same life. We are starting to get rid of the creativity inside of us, especially with all of the new technology available. Soon enough, that is all we’ll ever be: the same, just like in Cassia’s community. We live in a time where we are free to be ourselves; even encouraged to do so. In a few hundred years, we may not even have that, which is basically what Ally Condie is expressing to us. One of Cassia’s most significant challenges throughout Matched is creating something original, rather than working with what the Society has provided her with. The citizens can’t write with their hands; they are only taught to tap keys on screens. They can’t type original thoughts. The letter-writers on their home ports only allow for the rearrangement of sentiments and words that others have already created. On page 81, Cassia is hugely disappointed in herself when her grandfather doesn’t like her letter due to the words not being her own.  Grandfather says “These are lovely words, fine sentiments. But, none of these are your own, Cassia. You have words of your own. I’ve heard them, and they’re beautiful.” This is one great example how creativity is taken away from them by their rulers. One final example is that Citizens are only allowed to learn about specific jobs to keep their knowledge at an underwhelming level. So basically, Cooks don’t learn about plants, and Sorters don’t learn about food. Choosing our profession is one of the most significant ways we express ourselves and even that is taken away from them. In conclusion, Ally Condie is expressing that we are starting to lose our creativity and we might end up like the people in this society in the distant future.