To violence in sports as their main

To start off, I understand that violence in sports includes
aggressive behaviours and harmful actions that causes pain or injury to the
other player. In addition, there has been reports indicating that in recent
years, the severity and frequency of violence in competitive sports like ice
hockey or football has increased significantly. For example, I found an article
online showing that ‘football violence is on the rise’ which is attached below.
It shows that rival fans had flared in the recent Euro 2016 and bringing hooliganism
back into spotlight.

The reason why violence is prevalent in sports today might
be due to the mass media industry. The media plays an important role in
promoting sports as it portrays different types of sports competitions (e.g.
violence, competitive) to the audience of different ages who is watching the
match. The media itself does not cause violence in sports as their main aim is
to earn money and to provide their audience entertainment. The media shows
different sports competition, for example, a healthy competition which
encourages teamwork and sportsmanship. However, if the media decides to air
more violent and rough sports, it would mean that the audience would have more
exposure to sports-related violence especially the younger generations. The
young generation might learn from these behaviours and exhibit in their daily
life. For example, sports like World Wrestling Federation (WWF) where violence
is portrayed in this sport influences the audience that violence in WWF is
alright. The children would think that violence in certain sports is alright
and teaching them to accept sport violence from young which is why violence in
sports is common these days.

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Apart from the mass media, it is commonly believed that
violence is limited to the males. For example, often people stereotype males to
exhibit characteristics like having physical strength and be aggressive during
sports is normal. These characteristics of masculinity might be learned during
the person’s formative period which is part of growing up and the idea of
masculinity would lead to an increase number of injuries during sports. Hence,
the person would exhibit his characteristics during the competition to avoid
being labelled as ‘weak’ or ‘sissy’. Hence, violence in sports is so prevalent in
sports today.