To on the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

To begin with, racism is created as a result of ethnic enclaves. As a large number of the same ethnic communities gather in a certain area, those people begin developing racist thoughts. Since their lifestyle is more commonly seen, they begin to quickly judge a scenario with rude, and racist remarks. As found from an online source, in 1990 there was a major controversy which struck because a Sikh man named, Baltej Singh Dhillon was the first Sikh police officer on the Royal Canadian Mounted Police department to  wear a “Dastaar” (turban). Due to the high rate of other ethnic enclaves at that time, many people were uneducated on the concept behind why Sikh people wear dastaars. People normally judge others because they are either uneducated or uncertain about the idea being presented, in this case it is the dastaars. Since ethnic enclaves result to isolation from other cultures and races, racial comments and controversies arise. However now, people barely bat an eye when they see a police officer wearing a turban because of the increase in south asian ethnic enclaves in Canada. Society has become more comfortable and educated with the south asian community. Information found from an online news article shared a case which helps understand the power of ethnic enclaves happened in Quebec, on January 29th, 2017 six people were killed and five people were seriously injured because of a shooting in a mosque. As more muslims moved into Quebec the visible majority shared racist remarks. The shooter Alexandre Bissonnette deliberately acted which took in aim at an ethnic community. His decision of the location of the shooting proves that it was based off his racist thoughts. Due to Quebecs high rate in french ethnic enclaves, Bissonnette felt threatened by muslims. In addition to, information gathered by a journalist from “The Star” shares that, in Ottawa, a mural memorializing Sandra Bland, a black woman who recently died in ominously suspicious circumstances while in the custody of a Texan police force, was defaced with graffiti. In Hamilton, Ontario, “the local police service is denying that racism plays any role in the fact that its own statistic evidence that officers disproportionately target, stop, question and collect the personal information of young black people in that city” was said by Anthony Morgan A protest was held in Toronto called, “Black Lives Matter”, showcasing that Canada is not as diverse and accepting as many perceive it to be.. Ethnic enclaves are clouding up mindsets resulting to people believing  that racist acts are acceptable and is only a lifestyle which one sees on a regular basis is correct and important. Ethnic enclaves are stopping people from realizing how different and unique we all are and instead of segregating ourselves we should celebrate our own cultures and ethnicities. As multiculturalism decreases, ethnic enclaves are causing more racism. Racism results to an increased amount of negativity, loathe and unlawful acts to occur.Furthermore, as multiculturalism decreases, segregation occurs due to the mindset which is generated by ethnic enclaves. Segregation specifically occurs throughout schools all over Canada because the result of ethnic enclaves leads to the same race of kids going to the same school. Kids gravitate to one and another when they find something in common such as lifestyle. Ethnic enclaves leads to staying friends with people of the same ethnicity.. Areas with high ethnic enclaves have a large group of kids with the same ethnic background Resulting in violence, bullying and less diversity. An incident that has occurred proves ethnic enclaves; causing isolation in a community is known as the “racist Brampton girl”. This incidences evidence was gathered by a local news company, which provided more information, In 2012 a caucasian 16 year old girl from Brampton, posted a horrible video on YouTube to make a racist remarks against Indians. The hate video covers racist comments about the religious headdress;turbans, cultural food etc. Brampton, Ontario has a high rate of the south asian population and is known for its ethnic enclaves caused by south asians. Multiculturalism is decreasing in the city due to many immigrants moving to Brampton. This ethnic enclave in Brampton resulted in a minority of the city’s population feeling isolated. This video was more of a cry for help because the girl felt segregated. From her perspective she believes not only her school however Canada as a whole is no longer promoting multiculturalism. This example proves that, ethnic enclaves are impacting multiculturalism. To add on, a recent event which showcases racial segregation occured in Calgary, Alberta. As previously discussed, bigger groups of the same ethnicity form together. These groups result to more trouble and violence. More knowledge about the situation was gathered by a journalist in calgary, he shared that,  concerned parents and members of the African Caribbean Association have outlined several incidents in the past year involving verbal and physical attacking in Western Canada High School inside and outside of the school between Caucasian and African-Canadian students.  According to Alberta’s demographic statistics, the area of Western Canada High School has a high population of Caucasians. This high rate in ethnicity is causing segregation at the school, allowing the  students to feel empowered by the majority. The ethnic group with the high concentration rate believe to be better than the rest and only support each other. Lastly, another incident which set a certain group of people apart is the curriculum being taught at schools across the country. More data about this affair was collected by “New York Times” and “Toronto Star”. Furthermore, “Blackfish” which is defined as a lack of representation, slow death or complete erasure of programs that focus on black people. Huge universities across Canada such as University of Toronto do not offer courses where students can study black people at that graduate level. Black students and  faculty members have noticed this and demand a change because segregation should not be tolerated and the board of education should focus more on anti-black racism. This example shows the result of ethnic enclaves causing segregation in schools. Black people from all parts of Canada have been a huge part of Canadian history however get no recognition. The education system which approves courses and decides what should be taught is not based of  many black people. This ethnic enclaved community does not realize the importance of not only recognizing but also teaching students about all ethnicities, cultures and coloured people who have contributed to making Canada the country it is today. Moreover, in many ways, ethnic enclaves make a huge difference in the way our world is structured. The things we are taught, the friends we make and the lifestyle we live are all the outcome of how our community is based. Lastly, Multiculturalism is at risk due to ethnic enclaves because they construct disadvantages for people looking for careers in different segregated areas. Regions with a high rate of a specific ethnic enclave affect the economy and local businesses. Business owners provide consumers with stores, restaurants and facilities that cater to that exact high rated ethnic community. By doing so, restaurants and shops hire employees that can cook specific cultural foods, communicate in that language and can easily adapt into their businesses environment. Data collected from “Citizenship and Immigration Canada” also known as CIC found the percentage of unemployment rate in Canada’s provinces and territories. Provinces such as Ontario and British Columbia have low unemployment rates because immigrants entering the country and settle in their ethnic enclaved communities and easily obtain jobs. In comparison to Newfoundland and Labrador which do not consist of high ethnic enclave rates. Having customers with the same ethnic background as the employees results to less interaction with other ethnic communities. Immigrants tend to cluster in close geographic spaces because they can easily network with other individuals and share resources and knowledge. They can share information about employment opportunities, government assistance, insight on businesses and the best place for certain requirements. Additionally, Destination of Leavers of Higher Education survey, conducted by the Higher Education Statistics Agency, and found that ethnic minority graduates were less likely to be employed. Unfortunately, many bosses hire employees according to ethnicity. Studies prove that they believe the interviewee would have the same work ethic as them, because of this similarity they hire those they can relate too. This study, proves that areas with high ethnic enclaves result to a disadvantage for people looking for a career in a segregated area. To add on, in a recent census data which took place in 2016, showcased that Brampton, Ontario is the highest ranked city with one of the highest immigrant populations in Canada. The city receives a huge amount of new immigrants every year from south asia. For example, studies have shown that these immigrants can find a job faster compared to another raced individual. South asian immigrants in particular can easily obtain jobs because they know they have the knowledge and understanding of the culture the job caters too and can most likely speak their language. Someone who is a minority would struggle to find a job especially in the retail industry because they would not know much about the products and culture, the lack of knowledge would result to poor customer service which is why an owner would most likely accept an immigrant over citizen who is not part of the high ethnic enclave rate. In Conclusion, Multiculturalism is at risk due to ethnic enclaves. Ethnic enclaves result to more racism, segregation in schools and disadvantages for people looking for careers in different segregated areas. Eventually, if communities begin to isolate themselves, bigger issues will be created. Having multicultural areas all over the country is very important because it creates a balance within schools, jobs and lifestyles. If more support is shown all over the country by all ethnicities the percentage of immigrants only moving to certain areas of Canada would decrease. Ethnic enclaves are bringing the evolution of humankind behind because of the environment and mindset it is creating in society   Discussion:Throughout this research process some of the results and data collected were a little biased based on where the researcher lived. Some of the researchers strongly believed to be against the idea of ethnic enclaves. There is a possibility the researcher  could have been racist or supportive towards ethnic enclaves because he or she lives in a community with a high rate of an ethnic enclave. The reliability of the work is very high because I double checked certain statistics and also researched other perspective on the same events. All research and information collected was from famous, educated and powerful companies that would only publish and share information which is true. Majority of the information is valid because information about incidents were shared first hand from witness throughout all the articles and research papers I read. Of Course, there is no a hundred percent guarantee that all of the research gathered is valid since some of it is from years ago. In my own work, I avoided being biased and kept my person thought and opinions out however many times I first hand have experienced certain disadvantages in ethnic enclaves. A conclusion that can be drawn is that, although most of Canada is multicultural  and very well balanced ethnically even though , certain areas have an increased level of ethnic enclaves which are bringing the overall community down and creating a horrible environment. People are judging thesese society and citizens that are being impacted are becoming more upset with the everyday occuring in their community. Racism, violence, bullying and the disadvantages previously discussed to job seekers are huge variables that ethnic eclvances are affecting. Future suggestions, more research needs to be taken for the disadvantages for people looking for careers in different segregated areas. It was difficult find evidence even though the facts and research was correct and reliable.       References-APA Format:Campion-Smith, B. and Cole, M. (2018). More women, immigrants and seniors in Canada’s work force, census data reveals | Toronto Star. online Available at: Accessed 17 Jan. 2018.Diane Ravitch; Diane Ravitch is a historian of education at Teachers College, 1. (2018). DECLINE AND FALL OF TEACHING HISTORY. online Available at: Accessed 17 Jan. 2018.Doward, J. (2018). Revealed: how ethnic minority graduates lose out on jobs. online the Guardian. 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