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Tok essaySirjan Kalakheti ”Without the assumption of the existence of uniformities there can be no knowledge.” explain with the two way of knowing.Natural science is a branch of science concerned with the description, prediction, and understanding of natural phenomena, based on empirical evidence from observation and experimentation. The principle of uniformity states that if we can observe the cause that produces an effect in the present, we can reasonably assume that the same effects we see were from a similar cause we did not see.The uniformity of nature states that the laws of nature are unbroken through time and space. The moral principles governing or influencing conduct are ethics.  Knowledge is the fact or condition of being aware of something or the range of one’s information or understanding. Knowledge is knowing what truth and what is wrong. Knowledge has strong relation with uniformity. Uniformity comes from word uniform, where the uniform. In the following paragraph, I am going to present the relation between ethics, natural science and uniformity to exist the knowledge. Uniformity comes from the word uniform. For the natural sciences, it is all about patterns and assumption which is possibly due to uniformity. Without the uniformity, there is no scientific invention and no formulae. The world still exists alive due to uniformity. If the earth doesn’t round uniformly around the sun then it is destroyed. For an example, Albert Einstein made a famous thought that space and time are not two separate things they are similar in what called the space-time continuum. This thought make a big impact in physics, mainly because it simplified a whole range of complex physical theories and it made the theory about uniform more uniform in the sense that the sets of the equation could be applied when describing things from the largest of galactic scales to the subatomic level. So, uniformity makes thought and thought to make an assumption. When there is an assumption regards uniformity then there is knowledge.  If Einstein doesn’t assume that space and time are uniform then he doesn’t find the theory of relativity which is a backbone of modern science. So, we can say that there is a pattern of knowledge around the uniformity.The knowledge derived from uniformity is not correct always. Unless the imagination of the uniformity, the knowledge cannot move ahead. People imagine something and give a reason of that with regarding uniformity. And then they do an experiment to prove their imagination and that become acknowledge but there are many situations that fail. But all imagination and reason science are not the uniforms. For an example, Merrick mishaps. Metrick mishaps is an accident happens due to over underestimate the uniformity of measurement units. According to NASA, it is happening because a Lockheed Martin engineering team used English units of measurement while the agency’s team used the more conventional metric system for a key spacecraft operation. The metric mishap is an example to disprove the uniformity. People give a reason that US customary units and SI units have different value but they are uniform each, which is become a wrong when NASA used this both units in the metric process which destroyed the spacecraft and cause 1.5 million dollar loss.Ethics is what the society deems right or wrong and morality is what individual deems right or wrong. There is a deep relation in uniformity and ethics. For an example, killing a child, the molester is a violation of the ethical community. Except for some moral value, it is ridiculous and it is uniform among the peoples. Some people feel in it right kill people but that is moral value of the individual, not a ethics of society. So, our society, thinking, and imagination is uniform. Uniformity is self-constructed in human beings. Ethics is a result of morality and uniformity. Without the uniform morality ethics never exist. People born naked and he learns how to wear, what to eat etc due to uniformity.  So, Uniformity is important to develop the knowledge of ethics and morality.Uniformity is a pattern and it is always moving in a uniform way, but it does not happen always. Uniformity knows the flow of knowledge but knows how long it follows. Knowledge is an idea to establish peace, unity, harmony etc. But always uniformity does not work to gain knowledge. For an example; According to the Universal Declar. But it is not happening actually in the world. For an example, the women of UAE and United States are different in the case of rights. Even though there is no uniformity, there is knowledge. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is an organization, which works to establish uniformity in the world but it fails even though 197 countries sign for this.The universe is vast and hard to understand. Every thing in the different parts of the world have uniform land, sea, water and many many living and non-living this are in uniform. So, people follow the patterns  and raise the knowledge..