Topic treatment of cash related and accounting data





Topic of the project:


The relationship between E-Commerce and Accounting
Information System

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What is E-Commerce ?


E-Commerce also known as online business (electronic
exchange or EC) is the acquiring and offering of stock and ventures, or the
transmitting of benefits or data, over an electronic framework, essentially the
web. These business trades happen either as business-to-business,
business-to-purchaser, customer to-buyer or client to-business. The terms
online business and e-business are routinely used on the other hand. The term
e-tail is in like manner every so often used as a piece of reference to esteem
based strategies for web shopping.



What is ‘Accounting Information System ?


Accounting information system (AIS) is the social affair, stockpiling and
treatment of cash related and accounting data used by internal customers to
report information to money related authorities, leasers and appraisal specialists.
An Accounting Information is generally a PC based system for following
accounting activity in conjunction with information advancement resources. An
accounting information system joins customary accounting sharpens, for
instance, the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), with exhibit day
information development resources.










Executive Summary


Advance appropriation of Accounting Information Systems (AIS) in small and
medium scale cooperation make various vulnerabilities in different degrees of
change and steadfastness. In medium scale associations, the web business is the
most fundamental process that could be used with AIS with the need of strong
criteria to meet the strong quality and gainfulness necessities. The effects of
applying web business on medium scale relationship with the help of AIS is
considered and shown in this paper. The examination test incorporates medium
scale affiliations. The use of online business supplies suitable accounting
information about segments appear at the ideal time, at an express that is both
dependable and enduring for managers, besides, using web business handles the
issue of giving information get to security by requiring a username and mystery
word which expects unapproved structure entryways. A strong association between
the two sides; AIS and E-Commerce is presented in this paper at a specific size
of cooperation, and plan of activity.








Table of Contents

Title Page


Introduction to
E-Commerce and AIS


Executive Summary


Table of Contents


Connection between
E-Commerce and AIS


Important Points








Connection between
E-Commerce and Accounting Information System



jump forward of E-Commerce has made an all-inclusive open market that does not
have any kind of land impediments. With the start of the twenty first century
as a team with the IT change and the wide use of PCs and web in many fields,
the usage of the web as a medium for the execution of the electronic business
operations has by and large spread, online business also spread comprehensively
standing up to the new trial of legitimizing its operations inside mechanical
accounting systems in relationship in the midst of those tireless quick changes
in information. Happening of the most immense current issues in the field of
online business and their suggested and associated courses of action are moved
closer, which handles the issue of the assurance of building the managerial
structure required for securing and supporting ones progression in the allinclusive
market especially when playing out the business exchange shapes electronically.





Points to be noted


v The
usage of E-Commerce is impacted Accounting Information Systems structures
frameworks that are used as a piece of for the most part affiliation.


v The
use of E-Commerce does not impact the arrangement of Accounting structure of
the affiliation


v  The reasonable techniques in AIS are
components of web business reliance on interior control frameworks


v  The pay dependably increments with modification
of AIS based web business


v  The stream of fundamental authority changes
while applying E-Commerce with fused AIS for more trust, while an electronic
business without genuine AIS settles on the regulatory decisions more


v Applying
an E-Commerce influences the data security in Accounting Information systems.












change technique of Accounting Information Systems is on a very basic level
impacted by the nearness of E-Commerce. It in like manner showed that there is
an outstandingly strong association between E-Commerce and the viability,
strong quality, and information security of the Accounting information systems
in affiliations, the constancy and capability of Accounting information
structures was  improved in a general
sense by the usage of electronic business, all things considered; it fabricates
the data taking care of limit of an affiliation (lessen botches, affirm data,
data affirmation and security, and so on).


use of E-Commerce through bookkeeping information systems essentially
influences the affiliation’s capacity to diminish expenses and improve


usage of E-Commerce had essentially upgraded Efficiency, resolute quality, and
data security of the Accounting information structures in affiliations.














The Relation between E-Commerce and AIS in Medium Scale Organizations