Blockbuster’s work, no breaks and etc. the

Blockbuster’s customer offer is continually changing and evolving, therefore they offer on going learning and development support. Working closely with their Operations team, the Learning and Development department prioritise making sure that all our Customer Sales Representatives are familiar with the products they sell and can tell their customers all about them. To help new team members build the confidence to do this, they attend an offsite Sales Induction training session when they join the business, run by their Learning and Development team. This gives them time to practice approaching and talking to customers as well as providing the opportunity to gain feedback on their skills.

Employees are encouraged to make use of their in store “interactive product learning resource” to seek all the facts so when you talk to customers, you can answer any questions and tell them about their great offers. To get an understanding of some of their training, check out some of their product learning clips. If you decide that management is for you, when you join, as well as getting to know their products, you will embark on a “12 week management induction programme” with a dedicated in-store trainer. This includes training in both operational and behavioural skills, which will enable you to continue your career with blockbuster.

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Blockbuster encourage internal succession, so if you have driven and enthusiasm and wish to progress within the company, the Learning and Development team offer an extensive range of support tools such as Time Management and delegation, financial understanding as well as their 8 day offsite Horizons programme The Learning and Development team also offer the same support should you decide that working in the Support Centre is for you. As well as coaching and on-the-job training, there will also be development workshops available. All in all, as a team member at Blockbuster, you will be supported by a group of committed and dedicated Learning and Development mentors, whose primary aim is to support the development of your on-going career within the company.

Something they might be motivated by Discount on everything in store, this includes games, DVDs, consoles, and etc. This motivates the staff because besides the wages they are getting further discounts. They are bound to work better. 10 free rentals a week- this tells the business is great with their employees. The staff will be motivated be this because they are allowed to rent stuff for free. Who wouldn’t work for blockbuster.

Flexible working patterns. This is better when working at busy places because straight working hours without breaks meaning stress and lack of concentration. This is bad for health, which also may conclude to the business getting in trail for the court. I guess! Competitive salary. This crucially is important. (Taylor and Hertzberg theory proves that better working and salary are the reason why the staffs works for) If you are giving a salary where the working conditions are poor, the employee has done tones of work, no breaks and etc. the employee may even take you to court. That employee will not be guaranteed to the best after starting after the following day.

That employee will be providing lack of judgements of tasks, not fulfilling them; he/she will be destroying the lack of quality of staff and the store itself. So, on the other hand blockbuster has switched this around. They are giving great salary; they staff are surrounded by the stuff they mostly love. The staff are sometimes allowed to enjoy playing, watching those things even in stores. So, blockbuster are really motivating their staff in order to get the best out of them. As a Store or District Manager you would be entitled to life assurance to the value of three times your salary. You could also participate in many of the regional incentive schemes. You would also benefit from a store uniform and would be able to join one of the stores. It is some motivation.